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It had been almost an hour since the kidnaping ordeal. Gear had been working with Backpack non-stop to pinpoint Ebon's location. Static was right by his side but his mind was distracted by his hatred towards Ebon. The gang had been treated in the E.R. for their wounds from their battle with the bang babies though they were still pretty peeved from their defeat. After being informed with the kidnaping, it took awhile for the others to help Janet to calm down. She had been an emotional wreck and it wasn't good for her due to her condition. Giselle and Static attempted to comfort her and it seemed to work but Janet was still fighting back tears.

Tito tried to comfort Janet as well but felt that Giselle and Static knew what to do though it pains him to see her hurt like that.

Sparrow looked over to her right side while sitting on one of the E.R. beds. From a distant, She could see Ferio leaning back against a wall in an empty dark hallway. He separated from the group considering he couldn't breathe a word to any of them since it happen. Sparrow started to grow concern for him. This wasn't like the time he couldn't talk anyone after they sent Janet to the hospital. No, she sense a strong aura encasing him, a scary one. She wasn't sure at first but Sparrow decided to try and talk it out with him.

She got herself off from the bed, arms wrapped around her body. Sparrow winced from the soreness she received from the fight as she got off. As Sparrow made her way to Ferio's direction, Kable noticed her going to a different direction at the corner of his eye. He got up from his seat and picked up the pace until he caught up with her.

"Shia what are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm going to see if Ferio's alright." Sparrow replied.

"I don't know if you should, We ALL know he's pissed about this and who knows what will happen if any of us push his buttons, even by accident.  Maybe it's best if we should still let him have his space, or else he could turn this place into a barbeque."

"Look, I know you mean well but he's my brother. I need to be there for him and you should too."

After having some thoughts, Kable agreed with Sparrow and both made their way 'till they were a feet or two away from Ferio. His back was turned which made it more awkard to attempt to talk to him.

"F-Ferio?" Sparrow asked.

Ferio didn't answer back, he still kept his mouth shut.

" know if you want to talk abou- " Kable stopped in mid-sentence as he and Sparrow noticed Ferio pushing himself off the wall and angrily took a few steps foward, having him in the middle of the hallway. They exchanged looks, wondering if they should leave him alone or not but Kable managed to speak up again.

"Look man, I know you rather not talk to anyone right now but dealing like this won't help."

"Yeah, Let us help you." Sparrow obliged.

Silence was surrounding the area, background sound tuning out. Both Sparrow and Kable waited nervously for Ferio's reply. The wait stopped when a deep cold voice is whispered out.

"He had him right in his hands......I was only a few feet away...."

His fist was shaking in anger.

"I didn't even do anything.....but just stood there and WATCHED as he took him away from me."

With one swift move, Ferio punched a hole right through the wall with such force. Sparrow and Kable jumped up from the sudden action. As he pulled his fist from the hole, Sparrow could see the embers burning through the wall.

"You DO know you're going to have to pay the hospital for that right?"

They all turned to see Tito with his hands in his pockets.

"Tito, PLEASE it's not the time." Sparrow sternly warned.

"Hey just lighting up the mood." Tito replied. He walks right past Kable and Sparrow and paused in front of Ferio.

"Look, how 'bout YOU stop playing the tragic hero and get over yourself. You couldn't have done anything about it."

"YES I COULD AND SO WOULD YOU!!" Ferio screamed at the top of his lungs.

"WHAT?! 'THE FUCK YOU TALKING ABOUT?!!" Tito screamed back.



"Guys Guys!! Both of you shut the hell up!!" Sparrow yelled out. "Fighting won't help us in this kind of situation!!"

"Yeah cool it you two!!" Kable yelled out, standing between the two hotheads with his arms spread like a bridge so no fight shall break loose.

Both Ferio and Tito were breathing heavily from their outbursts while glaring at each other. As much as they didn't want to admit it, Sparrow was right, putting the blame on one another wouldn't help a thing.

As they both eased down, Tito managed to assert first.

"It's not like I had a choice.....Ebon would've done something worse if either of us tried step in to stop him...."

Ferio couldn't say anything else, he continued to glare towards Tito. His fists were still shaking but he subdued himself as swiftly walked passed Tito and the others until he was out of the hallway. He ran a hand through his hair and silently swore to himself.

Sparrow came in and placed a hand on Ferio's shoulder which startled him a bit.

"In the meantime, Why don't you be there for her?" Sparrow motioned Ferio to turn around and see Janet across from his direction, sitting in a wheelchair with one hand clasping a portion of her face while the other was holding her stomach.

Ferio took a quick glance at Sparrow and sighed as he turned away and made his way towards Janet. As he halted right by her side, noticing his presence, Janet looked up at Ferio as she put her hand down. Ferio could see that she didn't do such a good job on fighting back tears from the tear stains on her face. It pained him to see her like this.

He took her in his arms as she accepted it. Janet wept into his chest, staining his shirt with her tears. She was shaking a little which had Ferio held on to her tighter while gently rubbing her back to calm her down.

"We'll bring him back." He whispered in her ear soothingly.

"I hope so." She replied, chocking back tears.

"How's it coming Gear?" Static asked.

Gear sighed in frustration. "Not good, Backpack's still searching."

Awhile ago, Gear thought up an idea that if Backpack can pinpoint any locations Ebon and his new "army" of Bang Babies have been hitting thanks to the DNAs of the Metabreed(with the help of the Titans gathering any locks of hair of the Metabreed after their fight), then maybe, just maybe, they can find the obvious place that they would use as a hideout and track them down. But due to the numerous places they hit, it was going to take AWHILE before they could find anything.

"Damn it, We don't have any time left! Who knows what he'll do to the baby by now!!" Static yelled out in anger.

"I'm guessing I missed the party?"

Everyone in the room looked up to see a man with a raincoat coming down their way.  He took off his hoodie which revealed a familiar face, too familiar to Tito.

"What the-?! Francis what are you doin here?!"

"Heard about the mess going on at the hospital so I thought I check it out."

Francis stopped a few feet away from the group. He was narrowing his eyes towards Static as Static did the same.



Sally was eyeing on the both of them with a puzzled look on her face. "....oookay, awkard?"

"Look, I only came here 'cause I also heard pretty interesting facts on what it true?.....Is he back?"

Silence covered the atmosphere until later on, Gear spoke up.

"Yeah.....Ebon's back."

".....tch, can't stay down can he..." Francis said, putting his hands in his raincoat pockets.

"Unfortunately not." Gear replied bitterly.

"So......what'd he want this time?" Francis asked, barely in question form.

It took a moment for Static to collect himself so he could answer.

"......he took my grandson" He said with an angered tone, growled in his throat.

Francis raises an eyebrow. "For what? Ain't he just a baby?"

"Well we don't know for sure but his words were that 'he'll make a perfect addition to his new army'.....and we're hoping that my theory could be wrong." Gear replied.

"What this again?" Francis said, skeptical. "Damn he just won't quit will he..."

"What did he mean his army?" KD asked.

"...Back then, during our teenage years, Ebon was the kind of guy who thinks that power is the number one priority and nothing else. He considered himself leader of the bang babies and can try to get rid of anyone that stands in his way. He would always try to recruit more bang babies into his army. That way, he could take over Dakota by his hand with their help." Static explained.

"Damn..." Sally quietly said to herself.

"Wait, are you saying that this Ebon guy might use the baby for his crazy plans on taking over Dakota?" Kable asked.

"I'm afraid it's most likely." Gear sighed.

Both Ferio and Janet cringed by the thought of it, they just couldn't hear anymore of this.

"But wait, how do we know if the baby DOES have powers? And even if he did, they can't manifest now since he's only a week old, right?" Giselle asked.

"We don't know for sure but all we know is that we gotta go down there NOW before it's too late." Static advised.

"Just as soon as Backpack finds any leads." Gear said.

"When? That hunk of junk will take forever!" Francis said.

"Hey I'll have you know that-!?" Gear gets interrupted by the alarm sound that Backpack was making. Almost everyone gathered around Gear as he placed his eyes on the screen. Seconds later, he erupted in victory laughter.

"Ha Ha YES!! Don't doubt the genius!!"

"What, what did it say?!" Sally asked, frantic.

"Backpack detected numerous activity from Ebon and his gang from that building right there." Gear explained, pointing at the screen.

It showed numerous buildings of Dakota with random amounts of red and yellow blotches inside.

"So? Which building? All of 'em look the same." KD said.

"Not precis, that building right there contains the most activity from them. Which means it's most likely to be their hangout." He explained once more.
"How do you know for sure?" Kable wondered. "What if it's the wrong building?"

"It won't hurt to try." Static replied. "Gear, what's the place?"

"Iiiiitttttt'sss........Old Mills Factory."  

"Old Mills huh, Haven't been there in awhile." Francis said.

"Enough talk, Let's get to the factory quick. You kids just stay here until we get back." Static instructed.

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa, what do you mean stay here?" Sparrow asked in confusion.

"Um dude? We're TITANS. We kick bad guy butt, hence the crazy fruit loop and his nutcase followers." Sally said.

"I know but you guys don't know what you're facing here. Ebon may have grown stronger for the past 20 years. It's too dangerous to risk your lives."

"But we faced tough shit like this before!" Kable said in their defense.

"Look just listen what Static has to say." Gear advised. "You don't know what Ebon is really capable of."

"Bastard's capable of surviving a fuel tank explosion, wonder what else he has in stores." Francis said.

"Static, I know you mean well but TRUST US, we can handle this!" Sparrow said.

"I do trust you's just the unpredictable future I can't trust. In other words, I just can't risk anything. I'm sorry but we have no time to argue." Static said. "Gear, you ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be." Gear replied, having his tech in place.

"And you Francis? Ready for one last bang-baby ass-kickin?"

"Well, gives me the chance to give jackass a taste of his own shit."

"Good, now let's move out."

Before anyone could object with the idea, the adults took off.


"oh THIS IS JUST GREAT!!" Sally yelled out. "Being treated like kids!!.....AGAIN!!!"

"Sal what can we do?" KD said.

"Uhhh, how 'bout going to that factory and teach those ass wipes a lesson when it comes to messing with us?!"

"Yeah but we need to think up a good plan. Remember LAST TIME we battled those bang babies?" Kable said.

"Kable's right, we need to think ahead and organize." Sparrow suggested.

"But that'll take AWHILE!" Sally complained.

"So you DO want your ass kicked again?" Sparrow asked, rasing an eybrow.

"Well......baah, anyway." Sally turns her attention towards Ferio. "I'm surprised YOU didn't say anything when they told us to stay."

"That's because......they're right." Ferio said.

His answer left everyone in confusion.

"We never fought Ebon before so we don't know what are his tactics and you guys only fought the Metabreed once. Sparrow's right, we do need to advise a plan on this."

"Not just organizing but also a lot of teamwork." Sparrow added in. "And I mean...A LOT of teamwork."

Ferio and the others got what she was signaling at. As much as he despise the idea, what choice did he had? His son's life was at risk.

He turned to Tito who, by the look on his face, didn't like the idea as well. Ferio walked up to him until they were in arm's length. He held up his right hand in front of Tito.


Tito just stared at Ferio in disbelief. A truce? After all this he expects a truce? There MUST be something wrong with him. Tito then looked over to at everyone else who had the same look on their face. They were motioning him to make the right choice. Well, it's not like he had any other choice either. He glances down at Ferio's offer of peace once more.

He slowly picks up his own right hand and clasped it over Ferio's

"For now..."

Old Mills Factory

The factory haven't been open for years. Some say it's haunted, some say it's cursed. Others hear strange sounds coming from the factory and wouldn't try to go in their to see what's going on. People who had dared to come and visit the abandon factory come back like they came back from hell. They wouldn't talk for weeks and have that same terrified expression froze on their faces . Not only that but it was also the perfect place for Ebon and his new gang to crash in and hide from the police.

What bounces off the walls were the sounds of screams and cries coming from the frighten green infant who didn't know what was going on as Violet Ray attempts to calm him down by carrying him around while gently patting his back.

The more he cried, the more nervous Violet was growing. The baby haven't stop crying since they got to their HQ. Boulder was watching Violet's failed attempts to stop the baby's cries as she was growing more irritated from the annoying noise that was pounding her ears. If only Hammerhead didn't have trouble lifting his hands up for a long time, he would've either closed his ears shut with them or maybe even knocking him out so he wouldn't have to hear this.

Violet didn't care about her fellow bang babies but what she was really worried about was her boss. While she was walking around in circles, she kept glancing at Ebon as he had his couch(more like his "throne") turned back, only showing his right leg sticking out and his right arm on the arm rest. Violet and the others didn't need to see his face to see how he was feeling as they witness his hand shaking violently.

They all gulp nervously and suddenly had their hearts stop at they jump up from Ebon smashing the arm rest with such force.

"Will you SHUT that baby UP?!!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, turning around to face Violet and the startled child.

"What does it look like I"m doing?!!" Violet replied in defense.

"Looks like you're not trying HARD ENOUGH, little girl." Ebon said as he stretched himself towards Violet's direction until landing on his feet right in front of her in humanoid form.

"He hasn't stopped crying since he got here!! Maybe he's hungry or needs changing or tired o-"

"Well you better do somethin about it before I'LL DO."  

Ebon's threat had shivered Violet's spine. Whenever he's pissed, Violet and the others would be scared shit-less, especially how he usually takes his anger out of one of them.

"Boss, why we outa have that stupid baby join our crew in the first place?! He's useless!!"
Hammerhead shouted out.

"How many times I outa EXPLAIN FOOL?!" Ebon angrily replied back as he stretched his neck out until he was nose to nose with Hammerhead, leaving him scared out of his wits. "That baby could hold ANY metahuman gene in his blood. He could either do fire, electricity, shootin them alien bolts, shape shiftin, ANYTHING. He could be the ultimate bang baby."

"Even if he is the 'ultimate bang baby' sir, How the heck could he follow orders? I mean, he's just an infant." Boulder said.

"You'll leave that to me once I start on part 2 of the plan." Ebon explained as he reverted his neck to regular size and transform himself into a shadow.

As the teens watched their psychotic boss disappear in the shadows, all exchanged nervous looks from one another.

"Guys....I'm still not sure about this." Violet Ray said, still trying to calm the baby down.

"Not sure about what? Once we dump that stuff on him, we wouldn't have to worry about him killing our ears here with his wailing." Boulder said, putting a hand on her hip.

"But what if that stuff can turn him into a monster like the others? Or worse? What if it kills him?! What if that stuff can make him kill us?!"

"How 'bout you don't worry 'bout that and get that baby to shut the hell up?! My ears are bleedin here!!" Hammerhead complained.

"Well if you're so worried about your ears. How about you stop your bitching and get your ass to the store and get some milk and diapers or somethin?!" Boulder ordered, pointing at the exit.

"Why I gotta do it?!"

"'Cause I SAID SO. Now move it!!"

The girls watch Hammerhead move on, using his hands for movement like how a gorilla walks while angrily mumbling to himself.

" respect here....treated like a dog....get me to do the dirty work...."

As the girls leave the bitter boy, next thing they knew, they hear crashes and Hammerhead screaming.

They quickly run towards Hammerhead's direction as they witness him flying off until he was slammed back into a wall, hard. They pause between the wall and the exit, first examing Hammerhead's condition and then turned around to see where the ambush came from.

As the smoke cleared from the explosion, All the girls could see were six very pissed-off super teens right by the exit, all charged up for one nasty battle.

They froze in shock seeing how they were a little weak from their last battle with them and considering the two firebenders joining the battle, completely charged up, this six against three was going to be difficult.

"Oh....shit." It was all Boulder could say.

Due to the chapter being too long, I decided to seperate them.

Characters belong to their respectful owners.

Chapter 5.2: [link]
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