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Following Ferio's call, all the titans plus Tito attacked head on. The girls reacted by dodging their attacks but barely.

"Quick give the baby to me!" Boulder instructed Violet Ray as she quickly carefully handed in the baby into Boulder's arms. "You and Hammer just try to hold them off while I'll stash him somewhere!"

"Got it!" Violet replied as she stopped the attacks by creating tentacle-like rope of her energy source where her arms are and dismantled them.

Meanwhile, Boulder made a dash for it carrying the baby while turning herself into her metal form to pick up a faster pace. Ferio notices her running down to another area of the factory and motions Tito to come with him as they both flew off to follow her track.

Violet Ray managed to disable Team B's attacks a few times but immediately was caught off guard as one of Sparrow's gadgets hit Violet, setting them off and causing a minor explosion which had Violet being thrown off from the ground. She lands on her back with a gasp rupture from her chest. She pulled herself off the ground in a sitting position, holding her chest while catching her breath.

Her vision was slightly cleared as she noticed a few figures coming towards her. Violet attempts to lunge towards them with a few of her other tricks but out of nowhere she landed on her butt, hands and feet pinned on the ground by ice blocks.

Violet struggles to get the ice to break but it was no use, she was stuck. She then hears footsteps and looks up to sees Sally and Kable walking towards her.

"Uh uh hell no, you ain't going anywhere." Sally said, holding up her icy aura covered hand.

"Looks like a good time to talk." Kable said.

"What's there to talk about?" Violet hissed, still struggling to be free.

"Well how 'bou-"


Sally and Kable cast their eyes upwards to see Hammerhead above their heads, charging downward with his fists ready for some crushing. Both immediately went into different directions as they leaped off from Hammerhead's target point, which the force from the impact causes the ice to break, setting Violet Ray free.

"Thanks" Violet said while getting herself off, brushing off debris from her clothes.

"For what?! I miss 'em!" Hammerhead sharply replied, getting back on his feet.

"You're not going to miss this."

Before they could retaliate, Hammerhead and Violet are gusted off from the powerful wind blast Sparrow delivered using her fans. They both skids to the ground and groan from the impact they received. As they regain their vision, they see the titans standing a few feet from them. Not one has been close to standing down, symbolizing a "we're screwed" to the bewildered bang babies.

"Where's boulder when you need her?" Violet said, sweat drops coming down her face.


The cat and mouse game went on for awhile between Boulder and the two pyromencers. While on the run and with one arm holding on to the baby with the other, Boulder manages to throw out every heavy object that was in her way towards either Tito or Ferio. They achieve by disintegrating the objects but it was slowing them down considering how they were almost losing Boulder.

Tito thought up an idea to slow Boulder down by throwing off one of his fireballs at her feet. Unluckily, Boulder notices and dodges the attack by lunging at the ground to her left. After examing the baby and noticed no harm came to him, Boulder grunts and picks herself off from the ground and continued her way.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Ferio shouts at Tito while continuing to stay above ground.

"What's it look like I'm doing Dumbass?! I'm trying to stop her!!"

"In case you didn't notice, she has the baby in her arms and you almost crisped him!!"

"Well how the hell DO we stop her genius?!!"

"I'll think of something on the way! For now just shut up and follow her!!"

Boulder's legs were about to give out from all the running she did. Though she was strong in her metal form, running wasn't her thing. She pauses as she noticed onward that there was a dead end. She was running out of breath and ideas. This was just great, Ebon counted on them to not let anyone get their hands on their "secret weapon" and now they were catching up to her while she's losing her energy. Hell no she is not going to get her ass kick by him.

Then for a moment, Boulder thought up an idea. She glances at her left and noticed a stairway that led to another floor. From what she could hear from the background, Boulder noticed Ferio and Tito catching up to her. Using what's left of her strength. Boulder sprints to the stairway.

"Yo dude!! I see her going to the 2nd floor!!" Tito said.

Ferio gazed around his surroundings to find another way to get to the floor faster. An open window several feet above them caught his eye.

"Come on I found a window!!" Ferio said, flying towards the window with Tito following him.

When they both got through the window, All they could see in the 2nd floor were pipes all around the walls not sure which ends which, several amounts of boxes hanging around, old machinery that haven't been used in years, gas tanks, anything you could find in a regular factory. What they also saw were cobwebs decorating the place, mold hanging on the pipes that might've been there for more than 10 years, dust gathering, Wouldn't be surprised if anyone couldn't take a breath here.

Ferio and Tito flew down a few feet to search for Boulder. They analyzed the area for a moment until Tito noticed a tiny figure next to some of the pipes.

"There she is!!" He pointed out.

They both dived down towards her direction. Right where a few yards away from her, Ferio paused in mid-air, stopping Tito in the process.

"What are you doing?!"

"Something's not right." Ferio said.

"What'chu mean?" Tito asked, rasing an eyebrow.

"She's not running away.."

"So? Maybe she gave up. Now come on before she changes her mind!"

"I doubt it..."

Just then, the boys make a puzzle look on their faces as they see Boulder put an evil grin on her face while casually waved at them. She grabbed a wheel connected to the pipe she was standing next to and quickly spun it. Just then, a blanket of steam came out of the pipes, seconds before it engulfed the whole floor. The boys could hear a high-pitched whistle sound coming from the pipes before being blinded from the steam, giving Boulder the advantage to disappear with the baby.

This was trouble, Ferio and Tito couldn't see a thing. They tried to rub their eyes to make their vision better but that didn't help at all. They were zig-zagging in different dimensions, looking for Boulder ,and better yet each other, while trying to clear up the steam but the more they did so, the more weaker they were starting to feel.

They didn't even noticed each other presences until they roughly bump their heads into each other, causing them to fall down towards the floor and going into darkness.

They both wake up in a groan after landing on the floor, vision slightly regaining. Ferio and Tito could actually see the whole floor again after the steam went away. They both got themselves up in a sitting position, turning their heads from left to right. The floor was quiet, too quiet, those two were the only left....or so they thought.

"Where the hell did she go?" Tito asked.

"I don't know.....damn it I let him slip away from my hands again!!" Ferio shouted out, smashing the floor with his fist out of anger.

"Hey hey, that's what you think! We could still catch up to her!! Now get your ass off the floor and let's keep moving!" Tito instructed, getting his feet on the ground.

As Ferio got up as well, they suddenly felt the floor move, like an earthquake. Without them noticing, a shadow made by a gas tank was spreading an increasing rate, almost engulfing the whole floor. The boys looked down to see the ever-growing shadow coming towards him. They went back a few steps and followed the shadow's trail with their eyes as they see it growing upwards, right above their heads.

They started shaking when realizing it was no ordinary shadow. It was just like the last time they saw him. Black and purple vortex coming about, those piercing white eyes, the demon of darkness......and only these two were alone with him.

They were defenseless.

"Well what do ya know, I got some guests in my crib and I didn't even bother to clean up."


"EAT THIS!!" Violet Ray cried out, sending in her whip towards Kable.

"Not this time!" Kable cried out, grabbing on to Violet's whip with such force and sends out bolts towards her while using the whip as a wire.

Violet cries in pain while shaking in a seizure-like state. Then Kable uses the whip, while it's still connected, to throw Violet in the air, having her to land on the ground. She gets up, still shaking a little from the shock.

"Hey we're getting good!" Sally said.

"Might not want to jinx that, Sal." Kable responded.

Sally was right though. For awhile, unlike the last battle they had with the bang babies, they were actually winning. From their last battle, they had to worry about the people in the hospital and the building's condition so they couldn't really concentrate but now since they don't have to worry about that, it was a great advantage to defeat the bang babies.

Kable look downwards on his hands and apparently received burns and cuts from Violet's energy.

"Ah shit, why the hell did I just do that?!" Kable said, sucking his teeth from the burns. "Should've brought my gloves..."

"Ehhh, that's gotta hurt." Sally replied, making a face from looking at the wounds.

"How the others' doing?" Kable asked while he and Sally turned around.

They see Sparrow jump up and deliver a strong side-kick at Hammerhead's head, causing him to lose his balance and fall down.


"What's the matter? Miffed for losing to a girl?" Sparrow taunts with a grin.

"YOU BE EATING THOSE WORDS!!" Hammerhead gets back on his feet, launches himself in the air, and attempts to strike down Sparrow, connecting his fists like a battering ram.

Sparrow reacts and jumps back before Hammerhead got the chance.

"GO BACK TO ENGLAND YA TEA-DRICKIN , FISH AND CHIPS EATIN, WITCH!!" Hammerhead shouts out, slinging one of his fist towards Sparrow.

As Sparrow was one second away from being squished, KD steps in by transporting him and Hammerhead to another area, where Hammerhead's fist sends him flying as it continued to sprang forward. He skids to the ground until his fist slammed into a wall. Hammerhead struggles to get his face from the ground and turns around to see KD with his arms crossed.

"Stereotypical much?"

Hammerhead picks himself, having his "rams" ready.

"Want some of this, freak?!!"

"Ouch dude, that hurts." KD said, faking a hurt expression on his face while putting a hand on his cheek.

"WELL THIS IS GOING TO HURT MORE, BITCH!!" Hammerhead delivers his battering ram move at KD, which he quickly creates a portal without a sweat.

Hammerhead seemed stumped at first but then glances at his right to KD waving at him with a goofy grin on his face. Seeing that made Hammerhead's skin crawl and attempts to crush KD once again......which failed also.

KD manages to teleport out of that and lands on his feet on a metal stairway that was above Hammerhead. HH looks up and snarls at KD's success of escaping his attacks.

And again Hammerhead had a go on it and again, KD slips away.

"Damn it hold still!!"

KD lands on the ground, almost losing balance but manages to stay put on his feet.

"Are we going to do this all day? I'm getting a little tired here."

"You think you're top shit boy?! I know those eyes of yours, they sayin 'freak freak' ALL over!!" Hammerhead said, facing KD with rage in his eyes.

".......dude, I have red skin, pointy elf ears, and a tail. I wouldn't be talking when it comes to....'unique appearances.'"


"Hey calm down. There's nothing wr-"


Hammerhead just wanted to shut that guy up. Who does he think he is? He doesn't know him, no one does, except Ebon that is. 'Cause of him, Hammerhead's life couldn't have been better. After the accident, all those humans didn't think of him as one of them but ever since Ebon came into the picture, Hammerhead easily took down anyone that labeled him as a freak.

He launches out his fists targeting KD but KD successfully slipped out of the way with one of his portals but only to have to transport behind Hammerhead and drops down to deliver a kick right at his neck. Hammerhead falls flat on his face while KD motions his body to do a front flip and lands right on his feet.

KD was catching his breath as he turned around to see Hammerhead picking himself up.

This isn't good. I can't keep making portals. That guy won't take a break. What the hell should I do?

KD stops in mid-thought when looking upward and viewing all those pipes above. He puts a grin when thought up an idea.

I gotta do it juusssttt right.

In rage, Hammerhead launches himself in the air and dives down towards KD, cannoning one last ram, putting in so much force that it would be impossible for KD to miss. KD was waiting for the right moment.

Right where Hammerhead was still in mid-air, KD set his eyes onto the pipes, took one big breath of air, and blew out all the flames he could. The fire melted off one of the big pipes, having it fall down and land on Hammerhead's back, dropping him with it.

As KD sees HH landing on the floor, he teleports to his area, examing his unconscious body.

"Finally he shuts up, he was giving me a headache." KD said. Rubbing his head from all of the exhaustion.

Violet Ray was once again hit by one of Sparrow's wind waves. Has she been losing her touch? No it can't be, Ebon trained her well and now she and her friends are gonna be in BIG trouble when Ebon finds out that they're losing.

She looks up seeing Sparrow putting her fans down.

"Look, we don't have to do this. I don't think you want to fight do you. I can see it in your eyes."

"You don't know what's going to happen to us if we lose to you guys." Violet Ray said in a cracked voice.

"Uhhh, you guys ARE losing." Sally said.

"You don't understand!! You people have easy lifes, we don't!! Try living in our shoes!!" Violet said, frantic.

"No need to explain THOSE people Violet!!"

Sparrow and the others didn't see it coming when a big ball of scrap metal sends her flying until slamming into a wall, having her gut slammed as well.

Sally and Kable witnesses Boulder coming in, assisting Violet.

"What took you so long?" Violet asked.

"Later, right now we gotta deal with these two. Where's Hammerhead?"

"I think he's with the red kid."

"Okay, 'least he's handling the meantime..."

Boulder slams her fist onto the ground, creating a deep crack on the surface, throwing off Sally and Kable.

Both land in opposite directions and on their backs. Boulder takes the advantage to sprint towards Sally and fling her at Kable but before she could do that, in mid-run, she suddenly finds her self slipping off the ground, landing onto the newly-icy floor created by Sally.

Boulder uses her arms for support while lifting her head and setting her eyes on Sally, who got herself up with a grin and made a 'is that the best you got' stance.

That triumphed look on her face made Boulder snarled at the blue vixen and struggled to get herself up, almost losing balance from the ice.

"So I'm guessing the steroids are worning off right?" Sally asks in a cruel sarcastic tone.

"You.......LITTLE CUNT!!" Boulder shouts out, making her way towards Sally with one of her fists ready to go.

Just then, Boulder feels herself paralyzed. She couldn't move an inch, well, in her own will per say. Having an idea on what was causing it, Sally turned around to see Kable right back on his feet, holding up one of his hands in the air with bolts sparking up.

"Now....let's play a game called 'Kable says'. Kable says.....GO GET A TIME OUT!!"

Against her own will, Boulder drops her fist down and suddenly finds herself flying in the air. She slams into a wall and remains there. She realizes that Kable magnetized to her to the wall, leaving her to struggle until she would tired out.

"Now all that's left is-"

Sally's sentence comes to an end as she finds herself flinging across the floor, thanks to Violet's UV whips.
Shocked, Kable turns to see Violet Ray up and ready, with one of her whips still unused, not for too long though.

"Sorry, nothing personal." Violet Ray attempts to lasso Kable in with success this time but suddenly feels a chill around her ankles.

She looks down to see a gust of wind picking up around her ankles then around her whole body. Next thing she knew, Violet was trapped into some sort of barrier. The barrier forms into a tornado, roughly picking up more wind as Violet starts to float upwards at the center.

After having to got out of the scraped metal, Sparrow stands in, moving her arms around, having the tornado as her puppet.

She has the tornado to harshly spin Violet around in the tornado, making sure she was sealed right in. Meanwhile, Violet finds herself bumping around the tornado, gusts having to tear up some parts of her skin. She was starting to feel nauseous from the never-ending cycle. Violet couldn't move an inch because of the wind force, she really felt trapped.

After a moment, viewing Violet's condition, Sparrow decides to end it by having the tornado carry Violet and fling her right at the same wall Boulder was stuck in. Violet slams on her back with such force that it made a loud tong. She slides down, having her legs spread on the wall while lying on her back.

Violet groans from the roller coaster she took while trying to gain consciousness.

Sparrow's body shakes from the adredeline rush while Kable and Sally sprinted towards.

"Are you-?"

"I'm fine, Kable." Sparrow replied, catching her breath. "Now where's Robbie?"

Her question gets answered by KD teleporting in their area with the still unconscious Hammerhead.


"How'd you do?" Sally asked.

"It was rough but I finally managed to shut him up."

As KD moved Hammerhead next to Violet Ray, the defeated metateens groans from the soreness, eyes still shut. Sparrow stands right in front of them while the others were behind her.

"Now that you're all present, it's time to answer some questions..."


St. Petersburg Hospital

Janet haven't said a word since her dad, Ferio, and the others left to recuse the baby and defeat Ebon. She just sat on her bed, silently rocking herself back and forth while clutching onto her blanket, still praying to god that all will come back okay.

Even though she tried all her might, tears were continuing to make trails down her face. This was ridiculous, while the others were risking their lives to save her baby, all Janet could do was sit in her bed and just cry. She felt useless.

She didn't noticed her sister coming in with a tray of food.

"Hey hun." Giselle gently greeted.

She walk towards Janet's bed and sets the tray onto the edge of it. Giselle was going to ask to see how she was doing but judging by the dry tears on her face, she bothered not to ask the obvious.

"Look Jan., I know it's hard to go through this but you gotta eat."

"I can't.." Janet replied quietly, chocking up tears.

"It's not going to help by starving yourself."

"HOW CAN I EAT IN A TIME LIKE THIS?!!" Janet bursts out. "My own flesh and blood is out there with that crazy maniac Ebon and the others might not save him!!! You know how Ebon was like from Dad's stories!! WHO KNOWS WHAT HE COULD DO NOW!! I'M JUST SITTING HERE DOING NOTHING WHILE PEOPLE'S LIVES ARE IN DANGER!!!"

Janet clutches onto her chest, gasping for breath. She then notices Giselle's startled look on her face.

"I'm.....I'm sorry for yelling like that Sis.....these damn hormones..."

Giselle collects herself and plants her hands onto Janet's shoulders.

"Don't apologize....I know.....and I don't blame you....but remember this. Don't you ever think like that. There's still hope. You know Dad, he's gone through a lot of tough shit over the years, I'm one hundred percent sure he and the others will stop Ebon in a snap. Just trust me on this okay?"

Janet continues to gaze into Giselle's assured eyes. If Giselle believes they could do this, but why Janet couldn't? She should right? Slowly, Giselle takes Janet into her arms, having Janet to relieve all the tension from her body.

"You just gotta believe Jan. Have faith into Dad, Ferio and the others. We both know that they can do it."

Janet didn't say anything but only to return the hug back, making a faint hopeful smile on her face.

"Now, if you don't mind, I'll get you something to drink ok?" Giselle offers, letting go of Janet.

".....yeah sure, thanks." Janet smiled.

As Giselle left the room, Janet grabbed a sandwich from tray and nibbled on it. She really didn't feel like eating but for her sister....

Her mind drifts off, having to reminisce all the memories she had with Ferio. The first time they met, their first date, their first kiss, all the places they hung out, the jokes he shared with her, their special night, the time they find out she was pregnant, the comforting words he spoke in her ear whenever she felt troubled......

She pauses in mid-thought when feeling a sudden chill. She looks up to see a window open. Giselle must've open it for fresh air without her noticing. While nibbling on her sandwich, Janet still kept her eyes locked onto the window. Then suddenly, she came up with a crazy idea.

She puts down her sandwich and got the blankets out of her way, revealing her fragic figure. Janet turns her body around, having her to sit on the side of the bed. Using the table next to her for support, Janet struggles to get herself up from the bed. She almost loses balance but uses the bed as her secondary support. As she stood on her two feet, Janet spreads her arms a little from balance while carefully taking each step one at a time. She finally makes it to the window, holding onto the hedges. Janet gazes into the outside surroundings, taking in the fresh air into her lungs. She haven't felt this fresh in awhile. Moving on, Janet was in deep thought.

She should've gone with them to stop Ebon, not stay here. She insisted at first but Static and Ferio told her it would be bad in her condition. What condition, it seemed her powers came back since she gave birth a week ago. But there was one problem, she couldn't get herself to fly.

Since she had 14 of Tamarnian blood in her veins from her mother's side, Tamarnian powers were relied on emotions and right now, Janet was stuck on the ground not thinking up one happy thought. Like she couldn't, considering the situation.

No, they need her...her son needs her. If she wants to save him and help the others, Janet needs to overcome her fears and think positive for once.

All in her mind, she said these words over and over to herself.

Think happy......think happy.....think happy....

Moments later, Giselle comes back with a can of orange soda.

"Hey, the soda machine didn't have cherry so I hope you don't mind I got or-"

She pauses when discovering an empty room with the covers messed up. She spots the window she opened awhile ago and ran towards there. She put her head through the window, searching from left to right with a terrified look on her face.

"Oh no....."


"E-Ebon..." Tito said, barely making it out.

He and Ferio continued to stare on at the horrific living shadow. As much as they didn't want to show it on the outside, inside the boys felt scared to their wits to be alone with HIM. They and the others had planned on how they could take down Ebon but something wasn't right.

Ferio, in the meantime, tried to shake that fear out of him. He shouldn't be like this while his son's life was at the line.

"Where is he" He asked with hate in his voice, barely in question form.

'Where's who?" Ebon asked smugly.

"You know GOD DAMN WELL WHO!!" Ferio shouted out at the top of his lungs.

"Kids these days.....can't respect their elders." Ebon chuckles evilly.

"Look man, Just tell us what are you planning to do with the kid!" Tito demands.

"What and act like some cheesy villain in a comic book, telling his plans on taking over the world and shit? Nah, not my thing."

Ebon shoots out his arms right at the boys, each wrapping Ferio and Tito separately so tight, they could barely breath. He lifts them up so they would face him. They both struggle to get out, even tried to burn their way out, but something wasn't right, they couldn't get the flames out. Ebon chuckles at their failure.

"That's why I consider Boulder as my favorite, smart girl isn't she. Lighting you out with the steam."

Of course.. Ferio thought in his mind. We got hit by steam, steam equaled water.

"You know what? I wasn't gonna tell you but might as well give you a sneak peek on my plans. See here?" Ebon moves out of the way while still clutching on to the boys, revealing some sort of gas tanks to them.

"You know they're gas tanks but you know WHAT kind of gas they hold up?.....Bang Baby gas, the same gas that turned me what I am today."

Their eyes widen up.

"W.....what are you going to do with that?" Tito asked, stuttering.

Ebon stretches his neck out so he was nose to nose with Tito.

"Stupid....just like that bum of a dad of yours. What 'chu think fool?!" Ebon puts his neck back in place.

"Thanks to this, I could actually make a whole new army of metahumans. Didn't have the chance to gas ALL of Dakota that time though."

Wait.....he had done this before? Ferio and his friends back at Jump didn't hear anything about an explosion in Dakota. Janet didn't even mentioned this, could she haven't known as well? However, this was all too familiar to Tito.

"Hold up....that explosion up at the mall few months ago.....the second Big Bang.....Alva industries didn't caused this..."

"It was alll me. A little story time for you two. See? Back when I survived that explosion all those years ago, people didn't noticed and considered me dead, even Static. Took awhile to survive on my own. Then a few years later, I went to check up my 'ol crew? Then I find out they gone soft and went on quitting the villain business, even Shiv and Talon. They wanted nothing to do with me anymore. I would've taught them a lesson for turning their backs on me that time but I was still too weak. Over the years I lived in the shadows of Dakota, still surviving and shit. It was disgusting to see all those....humans living it up there, thinking life's so easy. I wanted revenge but I couldn't do it alone, considering my state that time. One day, I see Alva trucks carrying somethin and what do ya know, they still had that gas. That night I 'borrowed' some of the gas can guess what else happen that night."

"So you're saying is.....the people you gassed that stuff that night.....those innocent forced them to join your crew?.....and do all your dirty work?" Ferio said barely in question form, not doing a good job on hiding the hate in his voice.

"Not quite. Ya see, after what happen, I couldn't get everyone to be recruited. Half of 'em turned out 'unstabled', others went into hiding, some were already cured so no gas can come in their system. I only could get a few of 'em." Ebon explained.

"And those people fighting my friends.."

"Are the one and the only." Ebon said, finishing Ferio's sentence.

"Do they even know YOU were the one that turned them into what they are now?" Tito asked, growling in his throat.

"Let's just say there are things better left unsaid. 'Sides, I actually turn them INTO somebody. They were nobodies before the second Big Bang. Not one in Dakota gave them the time of day. I gave them what they wanted. I gave them the chance to have the humans know who they really are and wouldn't dare to mess with them. Even if they knew, they would thank me."


"You're wrong green midget, Here's how it went down..."


"Well? Are you going to say something?" Sparrow asked.

"Why should we say anything to you people?" Boulder said, eyes darted at Sparrow with rage while still struggling to get off from the wall.

"Just tell us where the baby is and we'll leave you alone." KD said.

"Not going to happen Red." Violet Ray spatted out.

"Okay, then how 'bout answering this question, why the hell would you guys go with a maniac like Ebon?" Kable asked.

"You don't understand, Ebon saved us!" Violet replied.

"From what?" Sally asked.

"From those....stinkin humans." Hammerhead answered.

"Aren't you guys humans as well?" Sparrow asked, rasing an eyebrow.

"Not anymore we're not. Ever since the Big Bang, we were treated like freaks. Our parents wouldn't look at us in the eye anymore, we couldn't go to school or the streets without people throwing stuff at us and telling us to go back where we came from, no one could help us. No one except.....Ebon himself."

"He took us in while we had no where us to go, he taught us not to get those humans treat us like shit and man did it felt great to have the power!" Hammerhead said.

"Look, the things Ebon's filling in your heads are wrong." Kable said. "Getting you to steal things, attack others, all that, is not right."

"So we rather live in a world where people want to kill us? I don't think so." Violet said.

"Not ALL humans are like that." KD said. "I mean, sure we were used to people calling us names because we were different but not everyone's like that. There are people that actually have a good heart and accept people for who they really are on the inside."

"Okay one, that was cheesy, and two, I HIGHLY doubt there are people like that."

"Wait, you mentioned something about the Big Bang. Didn't that happen 30 years ago?"

"Nooooo not THAT bang! There was another one few months ago, we were all gassed from it." Boulder explained.

"I don't remember hearing that on the news." Kable said, puzzled.

"Of course you wouldn't. Them Alva people wanted to keep quiet about it so they would avoid charges." Hammerhead explained.

"Wasn't it really Alva's fault?"

"Nah, I heard someone stole some of the bang baby gas and just....well you know. But even that, people still hold Alva responsively of the bang since it came from his company." Boulder said.

"There's one thing I don't get. If you guys didn't want this in the first place, why didn't you go to the hospital and get the cure?" Sparrow asked.

"Do you know how high of a chance for us to get cured?! 40%! The other 60% end up even worse. We didn't want to risk that." Violet said.

"How 'bout we offer you some help then?" Sally asked.

"What 'chu mean?" Hammerhead asked.

"What she means is that we can take you guys to Jump and help you guys out there. Trust us, you can have a better chance of a better life there." KD explains.

"All you guys have to do is quit this villain stuff and start clean." Kable said.

".....I don't know. I mean, leaving Ebon's crew will NOT be pretty. Besides, what makes you think those people will give us a second chance, after what we did?" Boulder asks in doubt.

"You just have to SHOW them and prove to them you're not what they think."

"So, what's it going to be?" Sparrow asks, leaving the confused Metabreed in silent.


"They all just come runnin down to me, lookin for help. I'm considered like a....father figure to them." Ebon said proudly.

"Pft, father figure? If I was them, I would've called child services." Tito said.

"That's a smart mouth you got boy, won't help you though."

" kid, what are you going to do with him..." Ferio asks.

Ebon didn't answer and just stared down at the green teen. After a moment, Ferio looks into his eyes in horror.

" no no no no you're not thinking-?!"

"Things are better left unsaid." Ebon said, flinging the boys down to the ground.

After both having to land roughly, Ebon stretches out his whole body to face Ferio.

"You should be proud of your boy. He's going to BE something, he's going to have this city, no, this whole COUNTRY down on their knees. Once I go with my plan, he's going to be no weakling no more. He's going to be the most powerful Bang Baby there is, thanks to me."

"You're one sick fuck, you know that Ebon?!!" Tito shouts out.

Ebon chuckles, "Maybe I am."

Before they knew it, Ferio and Tito find themselves falling through one of Ebon's vortexes. Tito reacted by using one hand to clutch on the edge while the other holding onto Ferio by the shirt. They both look down to see not the first floor, but flames running about, like it was the core of the earth. Ferio and Tito tried to catch their breaths but was distracted by picturing themselves fall into the chamber of fire, even they couldn't take that much amount of that.

"But then again, I'm only crazy enough to make the world a better place, a world only for us metahumans, the actually human race of this world. But first, gotta get rid of those who stand in my way. It's been a pleasure."

Before Ebon had the chance, he suddenly found himself electrocuted. From below, Tito and Ferio see Ebon backing up from them, shocks still in contact.

Static, Gear, and Francis come in from another open window all ready to go. Static had Ebon stand down while he manages to use his 'static cling' at the boys. He gets them out of the vortex where they were inches away from being toasted and places them on the ground while the vortex closes up. Francis blasts out his fireballs at Ebon, helping Static to put him down. Ebon is seen being paddled by their attacks. He launches himself towards them, circling around the room to trap them in. Gear pulls out one of his zap caps right at Ebon, restricting him with it's wires. After some exertion, Ebon melted into floor, being one with the shadows, in exhaustion. It brought relief to the guys when he disappeared but to Static and Gear, it would only be for a short while.

"We told you kids to stay at the hospital!!" Static said angrily, flying down to their direction along with Gear and Francis.

"Well we had something else in mind." Ferio responded, getting himself up along with Tito.

"I told you you guys wouldn't handle him and look what happens! You two almost got killed!"

"Well we wouldn't have to be in this situation if we weren't drenched in water!" Tito said. "We couldn't do nothin!"

"How are you guys now? You know, with your powers?" Gear asked.

"I think some of it's coming back though I still can't make a decent fireball." Ferio said.

"Same here." Tito said.

"Hmmmm.....hey Francis, think you can charge them up?" Gear asked.

"What are you talking about, Foley?"

"Give them some of your juice. "

"...ahhh now I get 'cha. You two hold still." Francis said, cracking his knuckles.

"What are you-"

Francis didn't get his son the chance to finish his sentence as he blast out his fire towards the boys.

They were screaming but something inside them was changing. Adredeline rushing in, body temperature rising up, energy flowing back. Once Francis was done, Ferio and Tito shook their bodies from the sudden rush they took in.

"What the hell was that for?!!" Ferio yelled out, flames shooting out of his mouth.

"Yo dude, I think your fire juice came back!" Tito pointed out. He experimented himself by holding up one of his fists and charged up his fire aura, it worked. "And so did mine!"

"You're welcome." Francis said, arms crossed.

"Now that that's out of the way, where did Ebon stashed the baby?" Static asked.

"He didn't tell us." Ferio replied sadly.

"BUT, he DID told SOMETHING. You know that Big Bang from few months ago?"

"Yeah?" Gear said.

"He's the one who caused it. He wanted more Bang Babies in his crew so he decided to gas up Dakota that night but it didn't cover the whole city. And those 3 workers of his, they were gassed from it too. They don't know Ebon did it himself."

".....of course, Ebon makes sure he gets what he wants.....and it's forcing others to join by turning them into metahumans out of their own will." Static said, fists shaking.

"What's more is that he STILL has that gas from that night, he said he'll gas up the whole country someday. What's worse is that.....he'll turn my baby into the ultimate Bang Baby once he gasses him.." Ferio said, barely making out a word. "He's going to use him to take over Dakota then the whole country..."

"Looks like my theory was right." Gear sighed.

"Static, what are we going to do?" Tito asked. "I mean, Ebon's down but what about the Bang Baby gas?"

"We can get Alva to pick up the gas tanks and make sure to have them sealed up. For now, we gotta make sure Ebon won't cause any more trouble."

"Guess again, Static."

Ebon rises up above after having his full power back, breaking free from the zap cap's restraints.

"Pathetic, I thought you could do better." Ebon said, staring down at shocked looks on their faces.

"Ebon, this has gone FAR ENOUGH!! Just end this sick plan of yours!!" Static yelled out.

"Why should I, Static? I'm this close to make this world a better place for people like you and me."

"Better?! More like a hellhole if you ask me!" Tito said.

"Too naive, are you.." Ebon said.

A strike of lighting hits Ebon right on the face, having him to almost lose his balance. The guys glances at Static who shrugs his shoulder indicating that he didn't do it.

They turn their attention to a feminine figure standing several feet in front of them. She approaches, revealing her appearance.

"J-Janet?!" Tito shouts out.

Ebon turns his attention at Janet after putting his mind in check from the bolt he recieved.

"Static's kid huh?"

" BACK." She demands in a threaten tone, hands charging up static electricity.

"Yeah, definitely his kid."

In anger, Janet throws out another one of her bolts at Ebon, having it to hit on the shoulder this time.


"That was rude little girl. Your 'ol pops didn't teach you some manners? I can take care of that." Ebon said in a voice that send a chill up to Janet's spine.

He lashes out, leaving a trail of darkness behind him. Ebon had his eyes set on her's while stretching his arms out, attempting to send Janet into one of his portals.

Janet couldn't move an inch. She still felt weak from flying all the way from the hospital and striking out those lighting bolts took a lot out of her. She backed up a few steps but slips from the ground and lands on her back. Janet stares on at Ebon who was seconds away of having her in his clutches.

Luckily, Ferio and Tito reacted quickly by having to fly down at Janet's direction. Tito managed to deliver a fire blast or two at Ebon to knock him off his trail while Ferio, in mid-flight, picked up Janet off from the ground. He places her in a safe area and examine her to see if she was alright.


"I wasn't going to sit at that hospital while you guys are risking your lifes here!!" She shouts back.

"Janet, you're in NO CONDITION TO FIGHT. God knows what will happen to you!!"

Janet's eyes start to shimmer in tears. "....I'm sorry okay?'s just...I can't just wonder if anyone of you will come back...alive or not.....I just can't.....I just want to save m-...OUR baby."

".....I know." Ferio softly replied, smearing off a tear from Janet's cheek.

Tito flies in and lands in front of them.

"Is she alright?"

"She's fine." Ferio answered.

"Not for long."

The three look up to see Ebon back on his feet, ready to strike at them. Just then, more lighting bolts hits Ebon right at the gut. They all turn to see Static and the others charging in. Static delivers another one of his lighting bolts at Ebon as Gear threw out one of his time-bombs, causing an explosion. Smoke has cleared out and it seemed that Ebon was right back on his feet again.

"You guys go on ahead and find a safe place to stay at. We'll handle this!!" Static said.

As instructed, Ferio and Tito help support Janet back on her feet.

"Hey, while they're fighting Ebon, now's our chance to find the kid." Tito said quietly.

"Got it." Ferio replied.

"No way I'm letting you three out of my sight." Ebon said, stretching out his arm like a battering ram towards them.

Ebon's plan gets backfired as Francis flies down in front of the three teens and stops the attack by sending out a fire blast, having his hand demolish in dark matter but later reconstructs.

"They got nothing to do with this Ebon."

"Hotstreak....still the same loser after all these years huh?" Ebon said.

"Funny, I was about to say the same thing to you too."

Hotstreak flies up in the air, heading towards Ebon. He plants a fiery sucker punch at him, kneeing him by the throat as a bonus. Ebon shakes it off and attempts to grab a hold of Francis but misses.

"Think you're top shit, Ebon? Depending on little kiddies to do your work, yeah that proves it." Francis smirked.

"You better SHUT IT, you prick." Ebon spatted out. "No one makes a fool out of me and I make sure that never happens."

Ebon attempts to do the same move again only this time, Francis got the full blown. He slams into one of the metal walls head first, trapped in Ebon's clutches. He struggles but no luck, he slips into unconscious.

Gear pursuit to do a sneak attack but Ebon notices and slams him down on the ground, putting in much force so Gear wouldn't get in the air. Seeing his friend almost losing breath, Static rushes in.

"Gear!!" He shouts out, having his disk on high speed.

Ebon had one of the shadows to circulate Static and engulfing him until he couldn't move. He had the shadow to trap Static on to the wall opposite from Francis.

"This is TOO easy." Ebon praised himself.

Ferio, Janet, and Tito couldn't believe their eyes, Ebon was winning. How were they going to save the baby now?

Both of the pyromencers exchanged looks. Janet knew they were thinking up something.

"Just stay here okay?" Ferio advised Janet.

"Be careful you two..." Janet said.

Both take flight, targeting their eyes on the thing they hate. They power up and blast all the fire power they can on him.

Ebon's screams echos throughout the factory while Ferio and Tito kept on going. The light of the flames is starting to weaken him, having him to let go of the ones he trapped in.

Static lands on his disk and flies to his daughter, checking to make sure if she was alright. Gear and Francis sprints to their direction and all stare on at the blazed heroes.

While they were crisping Ebon off, Ferio and Tito suddenly feel their energy source going down. The more flames they put off, the more weaker they were feeling.

"Hey man can you keep up?!!" Tito asked Ferio, raising his voice.

"I don't know! I'm losing power!!"

"So am I!! We need more juice!!"

Static looks up above to see some lights that were either cracked or haven't used for years. He thought up an idea.

Meanwhile, Ferio and Tito were about stand down. They couldn't hold up Ebon much later, he was starting to over come the flames. This was just great, at a time like this...

Their prayers have been answered as Static delivers a little power to the lights, having it to turn all of them back on, lighting up the whole floor.

Ebon screams in pain once again by the over amount of light.

"T.....T...TURN IT OFF!!!"

"What's the matter Ebon? Still scared of a little light?!" Static shouts out, giving more juice to the lights.

The overwhelming luminous atmosphere causes the giant Ebon to fall back at the gas tanks.

Big mistake.

Massive explosions arise, destroying everything in their sight. Gas fuming in.

All gaped in horror to witness the factory about to explode into bits.

"Ah damn it!! He cracked the gas tanks!!" Gear said.

"No really genius?!!" Francis replied, sarcastically.

"Ferio, you take Janet and your friends out of here!! Tito, you get yourself out of here as well, help Ferio out!!" Static instructed.

"But what about the baby?!!" Ferio barked out.

"We're going to find him!! In the meantime, go save yourselves!!"

"No I can't leave without him!!"


Ferio wasn't sure what to do. He needs to get Janet and the others to safety but he also needs to get his son out of there too. Can he actually survive the gas though? The adults handled in the gas before so it would be less likely for them to be effective that much.

He decided.

"Alright....I'll get her to safety."

"What? But Ferio?! Our baby!" Janet bellows out, clutching to Ferio's shirt.

"Your dad can save him, he has a better chance than we can. We gotta get out of here."

Before Janet could say anything else, Ferio picks her up in bridal style and flies over the window he and Tito came through before. Tito follows them while looking back at the scene. He could see the gas growing as ever, almost filling up half the factory. He was starting to grow worried but he shook his head and went back on concentrating to get the hell out of here.


Meanwhile, the Beta team and the Metabreed started to feel the factory shake and hears explosions.

"WHAT THE HELL?!!" Sally screams out, almost losing her balance.

"WHAT'S GOING ON?!!" KD asks frantically.

"IS IT AN EARTHQUAKE?!!" Kable added in.

Boulder, after having Kable to have her unmagnetized with the wall, looks over the confounded titans and sees a purple-colored gas coming through the first floor. Her eyes widen when she starts to reminisce.

"Oh shit....IT'S THE BANG BABY GAS!!"

"WHAT?!! AH HELL NOT AGAIN!!" Hammerhead shouts out.

"Calm down!! I think I can blow it away!!" Sparrow said.

"You can't!! One, it'll be too late to do so since it's coming faster and two, all you would do is spread it some more!!" Violet Ray advised.

"Then what are suppose to do here?!" Sally asked.

In the meantime, all were trying to duck from the falling debris. A few giant ones was coming towards them but Hammerhead and Kable took care of that by crumbling them up into tiny pieces.

"We need to get out of here now!!" Kable said.

"How?! The door's bolted shut!! Even I can't break through it!!" Hammerhead said.

"Wait Robbie!! Do you think you can teleport all of us outside?" Sparrow asks.

"I don't know....I don't think I ever teleported that much people before." KD replied, nervously.

"JUST TRY!!" Sally barks out.

".......alright. You guys!! Hold on to each other!!"

As doing so, all were in contact with one another and KD manages to make a portal big enough for all of them. They disappear before a big chunk of debris hit them.

The adults had their mouth and nose covered so none of the gas would come in contact. The factory was really tearing up. Explosions came in more, like fireworks at the 4th of July. Parts of the factory are falling apart. Static could barely see anything from all the gas.

Just then, an evil chuckle is heard.

"Smooth move Static. You actually did my plans for me." Ebon said, barely getting up.

Static growled Ebon's name in his throat, fists clutching hard.

"We'll meet again..."

And with that, Ebon disappeared in the shadows.

That was the least of Static's worries, the factory was like a time-bomb about to run out. He doesn't even notice Gear approaching him until he places a hand on his shoulder.

"Static we need to get out of here!!"

"I'm not leaving without my grandson here, Rich!!"

"How the hell do we find him in this condition?!!" Francis yells out, appearing in front of the two.

"We're going to!! Gear, do you think it's possible to stop the gas from spreading all over Dakota?"

"I.....I'm not sure. I'm still working on those recent static tech. I haven't experiment them yet."

"Just TRY , Richie. We can't have Ebon's plans to work!!"

".....fine, just let me get probe box in."

"What's that do?" Francis asks.

"It can suck up anything, despite it's size it can really take in any gas, smoke, dust-"

"Like a vacuum cleaner?"

"Correct...let's just hope it works."

Gear throws out the box at the center of the floor(or what's left of the floor.) It activates itself by slowly sucking up portions of the gas.

"Yes it works!!"

"Good, in the meantime, let's get my grandson out of here!!"

Static, along with Gear and Francis, made their rescue journey around the still-standing factory.


The group landed on a grassland hill, not too far from the factory.  They were all catching their breaths and looked over each other to see if anyone made it out okay. KD collapsed on the grass from the over-limit of his teleporting. His whole body was throbbing.

"Wait, did my brother and the others made it out as well?" Sparrow asked, growing worried.

"I don't know....I haven't seen 'em." Kable replied, searching from his left and right.

"Well I think THAT will answer your question."

They all gathered around Sally who was pointing out at the sky. They see a faint image of a figure flying out of the factory and flew into their direction. They started to recognize the figure once it was coming towards them.


As they were excited to see their leader alive, they're faces turn into shock when they see who Ferio was carrying.

"Janet?!" Kable cried out.

They gave Ferio some room to land on the grass. He gently put Janet down before having to collapse on his butt from the near-death experience.

"Are you okay?!" Sparrow asks.

"I'm....fine." Ferio replied, barely catching his breath.

"Janet, what are you doing here?!" Sally asks.

'I-.....hey wait a minute, wasn't Tito behind us?" Janet asks, trying to catch her breath as well.

Ferio turns his head around and could only see the building burning down while the gas was still in contact.

"Where the hell did he go?..."


Tito didn't have time to tell Ferio and Janet that he was going to meet up with them later. He turned back to the factory.

He had the fires to stay out of his way as he was flying around hallway by hallway. He knew he couldn't just leave him here.

Tito pauses when he sees a mist of the Bang Baby gas in his way. He could see little room between the gas and a wall. He clutches on to the collar of his shirt and puts it over his nose and mouth. At the speed of light, he went through the space, almost having contact with the gas.

Tito finds himself in an area of the factory that had little damage. The debris was still falling off but the condition of it was good for a little while. He speeds off, looking through the large amount of boxes.

After a while, nothing, all of them were empty. This was getting frustrating, the factory was THIS CLOSE of being turned into rubble and he can't find him anywhere! No...he can't give up, he HAS to be here SOMEWHERE.

Just then, a small cry was heard. Tito turns around to see a door a few feet across from him. He roughly opens it up and sees a couple of more boxes lying around. Tito was trying to follow the sound as it grew louder. He noticed the source of the sound was behind a large pipe. Tito flies over and sees a large box behind it. He opens it and is filled with relief when finding out what was inside of it.

The hot-blooded teen looked over his shoulder and see the debris and fire blocking the doorway.

He swore to himself, just his luck. He then comes across a dent on the wall, which has him think up an idea.

Tito picked up the box with one arm while attempting to burn a hole right at the dent before time was running out.


They all watched in horror when witness the factory collapsing. Ferio and Janet haven't let go of each other since they arrived outside. Janet was clutching onto him hard as tears were falling from her eyes. Ferio had her in his arms but still felt hopeless since he couldn't do anything.

Sparrow was in awe to see the fire turn into a conflagration. She couldn't watch this. KD was right next to her, putting his hands on her shoulders while still praying.

Sally was growing worried every second. She really hated fires and there wasn't a thing she can do when in a situation like this. All she could do was wait in the sidelines.

Kable looked over at the Metabreed who continued to have their eyes lock at the factory. He  knew what they were feeling right now, Guilt and Regret.

Ferio could feel Janet's tears on his shirt and skin. If anything ever happen to their child, he would NEVER forgive himself.


The search was going no where. Everywhere Static, Gear, and Francis looked, all they could find were more parts of the factory falling off, broken machine parts, and anything else that was useless. They separated their ways to see if they could find the baby faster. Static had to cling off any broken machinery and any pipe that wasn't supporting the building in his way to see if the baby was hiding behind one of them or if there was some hidden rooms behind them. He managed to find some hidden rooms but no baby. Gear also try to detect hidden paths in the factory using Backpack and has found some but like Static, no results. Francis had to tag along with Gear to make sure no fire would spread around him and his tech in works to search the baby. After a while, they all met up in an area where the factory was still intact thought it won't be for much longer.

"VIRG, WE HAVE TO GO NOW!! I DON'T THINK THE FACTORY COULD TAKE IT MUCH LONGER!!" Gear instructed, moving out of the way from the falling debris.

"DAMN IT I TOLD YOU, I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE WITHOUT HIM!!" Static shouted back at the top of his lungs.

"HE'S RIGHT MAN!! WE'LL DIE IN MINUTE HERE IF WE STAY HERE!! MAYBE LESS!!" Francis said, shielding off one of the flames.

"YOU GUYS CAN GO AND SAFE YOURSELF!! I'M STAYING HERE UNTIL I GET HIM OUT OF HERE!!" Static bellowed out, about to make his way to another direction.


The factory was crashing down faster than they thought, almost every chance to escape was blocked off.


Before Static could say or do anything else, a piece of a large pipe falls right on his back, knocking him out.

"VIRG!!" Gear barks out, hovering over his friend.

"Well...ok then. Guess we have no choice right?" Francis said, picking up Static by the shoulder.

They both head off and found a way out of the factory before the remains of the factory raining down had the chance to crush them.

The group witness the factory being burned down piece by piece. The adults and Tito still haven't come back. They were fearing for the worst.

Ferio was still clutching on to Janet. His eyes were still widen in horror and his throat was dried up. He was playing his worst fear in his mind over and over. No chance of hope.

Janet was shaking like crazy. She had her mouth covered while tears were taking over her cheeks.

This wasn't suppose to happen. She imagine her baby to be born with Ferio at her side, having that moment of becoming a family....and it gets taken away in one day.

As they wince by the sound of another explosion, they noticed a couple of more figures flying out of the factory. All they could make out was Gear and Francis holding Static by the shoulder.....but then realizes they were all they baby.

What they feared for the worst.....actually came true.

Janet couldn't didn't happen, it DIDN'T JUST HAPPEN. She tried to deny it over and over but she couldn't.

She breaks down in tears, placing her head on Ferio's chest. Her body was shaking violently While Ferio still had a hold on her.

"They were late.....they were too late..." That's all Janet could say before continuing to breakdown.

Ferio just wrapped his arms around her even tighter, attempting to calm her down. But even that wouldn't matter as he also let out a few tears out of his eyes, guilt engulfing him.

The adults landed right on the grassland, few yards away from the devastated teens. Francis placed the barely-conscious Static down on the grass. Static groaned and opened his eyes. Gear and Francis dropped down to check on Static. They both helped him up in a sitting position but all had their attention directly at the teens and the look on their faces. They didn't need to tell them that they failed. Right now, Static just can't look at Janet in the eye. She didn't want him to see that he couldn't save his own grandson. His fists were shaking and curled up.

"No.....Ebon won..."

The sound of Janet's cries had Sparrow silently letting her own tears fall right out of her eyes. She covered her mouth in shock while KD just wrapped his arms around her, putting his head on her shoulder.

Sally couldn't help but having a tear rolling down her cheek. When it comes to children, especially babies, they would keep reminding her of her sister, Celcia, and her new baby sibling that was on the way. She would wonder what would happen to them...and she couldn't do anything about it.

Kable just stood there in silence, putting his head down. As much as he didn't show it, deep down he was crying on in the inside. To have a life quickly ending in such a cruel makes them wonder why they live in a world like this.

The Metabreed just looked over at the devastated titans then to each other. They couldn't believe that they were the cause of this. They never wanted anything happen like this...

Sally looks up at the sky but then, she spots something.

"Heeeyyy....LOOK! LOOK UP THERE!!"

As they did so, all look up to see another figure at the sky, rushing out of the factory as well. They couldn't make it out at first but as the figure drew in closer, his appearance started to show.

"TITO!!" Janet shouts out.

Tito used all his strength to fly himself towards Ferio and Janet. As he landed right in front of them, he could barely catch his breath and looked like he was burned a couple of times. The whole group came running towards him, giving Tito a little space.

"Are you okay?!" Janet asked, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Come on say something!" Francis said.

Tito couldn't reply back as he clutched his chest for more air. He looked up seeing Ferio's and Janet's considered faces and then made a gentle smile.

He put the box that was slightly open right between them. The others noticed a blanket inside that was....moving around.

Tito removed the blanket, revealing a tiny odd-colored figure with his arms and legs moving around.

All the tragic and despair went away as Ferio and Janet see that their baby was alive...he was alive!!

"Oh my god!!" Janet shouted out in joy, tears flying around. "He's here! He's here!!"

"He made it..." Ferio quietly said to himself as more tears began to fall down, gently caressing the baby's puffed cheek.

The background was filled with happy and joyful cries. All hugged in cheerfulness, a shear of light had spread over them. It was like a life coming back.

Tito just smiled on the happy faces and then suddenly, his vision was starting to become vivid.

He tried to fight it off but it seemed he was going into darkness. Next thing he knew, he couldn't see a thing and started to become dizzy. Sounds were starting to sync out.

Noticing what's happening to him, Ferio and Janet look back at Tito, who fainted right on the ground.

Part 2 of Chapter 5.

Characters belong to their respectful owners.

I highly suggest you listen on to Porcelain and the Tramps's music to get into the mood with the fight scenes(even if they are horribly portrayedXD)

Chapter 5.1: [link]
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