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Trees all around, drenched from the pouring rain. Darkness consuming the area, not showing a sense of happiness of some sort.

The green pyromencer was on his hands and knees, tears streaming down while the rain drops were mixed in.

" I can't take this anymore, everything that I've done 'till now....shit."

He clenches the ground and the mud pools in his hands while he clenched his eyes so tight, they could rip.

"...all because that I couldn't control myself and now look what that's brought meh...maybe I deserved this, all of the pain I've caused."

Out of the shadows, a figure wearing a light blue 2 piece dress walks towards him carrying an umbrella. She pauses infront of Ferio, cocks her head to the side, and then kneels down in front of him.

"Something troubling you?"

" can say that." He replied while not looking up as he closed in eyes in shame.

The mysterious woman made a puzzled look on her face but then sets her umbrella down, covering the both of them, and sits next to him.

"You certainly picked a place to hide out in."

Ferio still didn't take his eyes off from the ground "Hiding out? Who said I was hiding out?"

"Well this forest is about the most well hidden place I could think of." She looks up as the rain stops, the sun covers parts of the forest with it's sunlight. "...I can think of numerous times of wanting to hide away myself in times of trouble."

"Yeah sure...personally I'd rather run away from it all to a more...peaceful time in my life." He replied, mistrust in his tone.

"Oh? What sort of peaceful time?" She asked in curiosity.

Ferio's eyes shimmer in tears. "There was a girl in my life...a radiant beauty that shined with innner light in my reckless life."

"Is that so. Care to share?"

He sighed. "She was my best friend, a true believer and thinker. Always kept meh in line regardless of how bad I've been." He hangs his head down, eyes shut once more. "She had a light that always brought meh out of darkness, someone who could bring out the best in meh. Someone who wouldn't give up on meh...and....she was someone who loved meh"

"You act as if this person had died."

"In a lot of ways yeah, and...I blame myself for it." Ferio said in shame.

"Why do you say that?" The woman asks.

" I acted out of selfishness and broke her heart. All because my own lusty wants blinded meh, not only that she got delt with crosses she had to bare and was unable to upheld them." He clenches his fist.

"Seems to me that girls means a lot to you, yes?"

He slowly nodded. "I've been such a fuck up since then, not caring about anything or anyone but myself and it landed meh in more conflict than I wish. All of it started when I..."

"You what?"

".....when I damned my Silver Guardian Angel to her suffering when she needed meh the most."


"I'm serious, at one time I was the happiest boy alive, around her I was the phoenix in her bookish life. Even the sexiest couldn't outshine her. Like she and I were..meant to be..."

"And yet you let her go?"

"The light she once had faded and I became lost...she turned into someone that I never saw at all in her. A monster, a demon that only I could dream that a bad girl could be...but not her." He said, trembling.

"You became hopelessly depressed?"

"Yeah, I other person not even the ones I dated since then could replace the light I lost in my heart. ...This one girl I've seen on and off though...I felt something but...its not the same. And now thank's to my stupidity, there's no way I can hope to..."
"To what?"

"To find and embrace the Tamer-Auranian Angel with all my heart and soul like before...there's no way I could ever hope to see her again...not the girl that with all my heart, and would always do so." He sniffs, removing a tear from his eye.

There was a period of silence for a moment until Ferio spoke up.

"I don't expect a stranger like you to understand." He sighed.

"Perhaps....I do."


".... I too was in love at one time, with a wonderful man, one with such vitality that rivals fire itself. Not many understood him deep down as well as I did…only I tried to be something I wasn't and he fell out of favor for me." She explained.

"Seem's to meh that you didn't feel comfortable in your own skin" Ferio sarcastically responds.

"It's true…I never was for such a long time. He's my best friend and knew me the most…loved me for who I was and not the woman on the outside……I can't blame him for becoming a wayward soul. Deep down he struggled with his own demons. The kind of demons that his dad passed onto him."

Ferio, then, slowly eyes over to see the girl having long red hair that was draped over her face with two braids. The girl looks towards the sky as the clouds cleared.

"If there's anyone I blame, it would be his father. I love the man beneath the incubus that his father had so unfortunately brought out of him. Much as I tried to keep him from turning away from the path, I ultimately failed, because of my stupidity…"

Ferio turns to look at her as he starts to recognize the voice and the appearance and then he spoke up.

"…It sounds like you tried too hard to satisfy him in the end…if I were that guy, I'd….well……n my case, I'd embrace every weakness and strength you possess. Be open with you and…"

He couldn't say anything else as he felt his heart break in two after having to remember his past mistakes. Ferio takes a deep breath to try to finish his sentence.

"…still love you for who you are and ultimately." He feels his eyes tear up and closes them quick. "Make an atonement for what sin's I committed. I was happy at one time and now, I wish to have that back, to walk in the same light she once did…no still does."

The girl turns to him. Her eyes reveal a sky blue color, a pair of glasses shielding them. She had a vanilla skin complexion with a pure innocent tenderness that glowed in her expression. Ferio can feel her soft hand wiping his tears.

"Do you really feel that you can not find that light again?"

"I've walked too far from my old path, its hopeless for meh now, she's better off with someone better." Ferio admitted.

"I digress, in all honesty she seem's as though she strayed from her path and has started to go back from hence she came. As well as hoping that her love would too realize the error of his ways, thus shy away from the demons that his father bestowed him…for I believe in my heart that man is fully capable of doing…….Isn't that right Ferio?"

He trembles at her warm touch as he heard his name. He looks up and his heart does several leaps and his cheeks were burning red hot.

The girl's appearance revealed much more, so much that Ferio immediately recognized who she was. The same girl he had fallen in love with and also had hurt her and had been regretting it ever since. The girl smiled at him as her own tears started to form. Ferio knew who this girl was.

" can't be....Celeste!?"

Celeste takes Ferio's face in her hand and looks into his eyes with that same light that he had fallen for before.

"Ferio.... listen to me. This way of living you are doing now, it is and never was healthy for you at all."

He was stunned while being overwhelmed with guilt, joy, and sorrow. Celeste nodded in his reaction.

"It's true, and Regina too believes the same thing."

"Cel...please...I..." He attempts to hug her but his body was too weak to react.

"Ferio, my love…you have to walk away from that lifestyle. You're a loving person, I love that man you are beneath the player and womanizer. Deep down, you know how wronged you have been, and what consequences that could bring."

Ferio feels his heart being shot. "....I'm....I....I'm sorry....I never should have..."

She interrupts him by putting a finger on his lips.

"Break away from your lifestyle before it's too late, before it not only ruins your chances of redemption, but also…your hopes and dreams." Her figure begins to shimmer away. " if not it will lead to your downfall. "

Tears began to stream down as Ferio finally musters the strength to move.

"Celeste....please....don't go....I love you....please....don't."

She leans foward as well, inches away from his lips.

"Rise from the ashes...rise from the ashes…"

Reality had came back as the alarm clock rang.


Ferio's voice echos in the guest room. He realizes he was back in Giselle's house and flops down back down on the bed.

"A dream....only a dream of something that's dead." He said to himself in a disappointing tone.

He suddenly felt something hot in his cheeks, his heart skipped a beat. He looks over at a mirror and sees a girl's lipstick on his cheek and a warm feeling on his lips.

"Oh god...."

That feeling he felt many times was now tenfold, as though he literally relived every moment in his life with the girl that still resided in the depths of his heart…the one girl that could never be replaced regardless of how bad things have become.

"Was it really a dream or...."

He sat staring at the mirror for a long time with his own emotions running high with guilt and joy at the same time. He looks over, grabbed his bag and his wallet, and pulls out a photo of him and Cel under the tree after the spring dance couple years ago. A smile crawls across his face for the first time in ages.

"Hopes and dreams..."

He closes his eyes and nods his head.

"…hopes and dreams…perhaps there is a chance for meh, somehow…"

As he opened his eyes, Ferio realized something. He looked around the room from left to right. 2 other beds were empty,  Kable and KD were no where in sight.

Hmm, must've gotten an early start. Ferio thought as he got out of bed, grabbed some clothes, and put them on.

While he was putting on his jacket, he looked over and saw the girls' room's door open. From this distant, he couldn't see Sparrow or Sally in there. Ferio thought they had an early start too like the guys but he would've heard their voices from the living room or the kitchen, right? All he could hear was water coming out of the sink, dishes clashing together, and the T.V.

Ferio got out the door and made his way towards the kitchen. As he made it to his destination, all he could see was Giselle washing the dishes and no one else.

Hearing his footsteps from the background, Giselle turned her head directly at Ferio while putting the dishes.

"Morning sleepy-head." She greeted with a warm smile.

"Hey" Ferio replied, returning the smile. " you know where the others went?"

"Oh, they're at the hospital." She answered.

"Huh? Why now? Visiting hours aren't open at 9."

"Uhhh little dude, it's a quarter pass 11."

"What?!" Ferio ran in the kitchen to check the oven clock. Giselle was right, the clock read 11:15.

"They didn't even bother to wake me up?!" He yelled out, his hand going through his hair.

"They wanted you to sleep in and let me tell you, you REALLY needed that sleep."

It was true. It had been a week since the baby's been born and since then, Ferio never left Janet's side. By night time, right where visiting hours were over, his friends could see him sleeping on the side of Janet's bed. Sure, he had also been visiting his child but since the baby was born early, Ferio couldn't have the chance to stay longer due to doctors monitoring the baby's health most of the time. For Janet, she still hasn't wake up from the fall she took, which made Ferio and the others more worried. Dr. Windburg say by this time, she'll wake up pretty soon. They're hoping he's right.


Ferio's train of thought was put to a pause as he turned around to see Giselle holding a plate of eggs(sunny side up) and bacon. The aroma of the juicy-looking meal had tickled his nose and his stomach had been rumbling a little.

"Yeah sure."

He grabbed a chair, scooted towards the table, and went on eating. By the way he was eating, Giselle thought that Ferio hadn't ate anything since the baby had been born. She was glad he was eating something again.

"Whoa slow down! You're gonna choke on that." She chuckled.

"Sorry." Ferio took a little break while putting his fork down. "I haven't eaten in awhile as you noticed."

"Well why is that?" She asked, resting her head on her hand.

"Don't know...probably 'cause I've been...distracted by all this."

"I see....Soo...are you still scared?"

"To be honest....very. I mean, it's been a week and I still can't believe that I'm a dad now. All of's way too fast."

"Ferio, I know it's been hard but you have to remember, you have your friends and family that are right there with you." She said in a calming voice, putting her hand over his.
"Thanks but......I just...." Ferio just couldn't find the words.

"Well in the meantime, How 'bout you go get ready while I start the car. We can head on to the hospital now."

Ferio smiled. "Yeah...ok."


St. Petersburg Hospital

He stood there right in the front of the hospital, looking up at the huge building with hesitation in his eyes. He stood there for quite some time, he just couldn't decided if he should go and see how she was doing or just leave her be.

It had been a week since the fight between Ferio and the confrontation he had with his father. Since then, all he did was either cooped up in his room, hanging out in his secret spot, or just took some walks around the city. His mother was growing worried about him. She tried to talk to him but all he did was shutting her out. His friends try to see what was up with him but in return, he just shut them out as well. He couldn't speak a word to anyone.

His mind has been racing thoughts and flashbacks, it gave him quite a headache. Right now, all he could think of was what would happen if he saw her again. He got the word from a few people that Janet haven't woke up yet. If she did wake up today and see him, what would she do really? Would she tell him to get out and never see her again? He would be crushed if she said that. He also wondered about her father.

Static had been somewhat of a guardian to him since he didn't had a father or anyone else to look up to as a male role model. Sure, it would annoy the hell out of him whenever Static tries to keep him out of trouble but deep down, he was glad that someone cared about him other than his mother and Janet. But now, after this, it would be a miracle if Static breathed a single word to him.

He continued to stare up at the building, fists clenched from stress. Clouds coming by slowly, revealing the sunlight shining down at the building, showing him what choice is the right one.

He sighed as he walked right over to the hospital.

As the doors slide open, he spots an admission desk and picked his feet up towards there.

"Can I help you sir?" The woman at the desk asks, putting down the phone.

"Hi....Janet Hawkins please..."


"You sure it was a good idea to leave Ferio like that?" Sparrow asked.

"Come on Shia, You know how exhausted he looked. Hell, that time we saw him sleeping in Janet's room, I had to literally "shock" him awake." Kable replied.

"Man was that funny!" Sally laughed, holding her gut. "He like fell FLAT on the floor!! Damn, I should've brought my camera."

They were all at café for an early lunch after visiting Janet and the baby. Sparrow was sitting next to Kable while Sally were sitting across from them. KD went to get food for himself. He was still peeved for losing the bet with Sally so he tried not to bother with her, Sally didn't care at all. She was having some cheese fries and a bottle of water while Sparrow finished her meal and started stirring her tea. Kable already finished his meal. Meanwhile, Static was still keeping an eye on his daughter. Being a father, he was growing worried since Janet was still in a "coma-state". He was also worried about the baby's health. He had heard about the consequences for premature babies and prayed to god the baby will grow up fine. Sora had heard about the news a few days ago from Static and was on her way but it was taking her a long time due to the mission she had to do in Tamaran. Gear came along to see if everything was alright. He had been working non-stop to find the person that was targeting former bang-babies. He was getting frustrated from not finding anything yet. Static couldn't think about that now, all he could do was hoping for both his daughter and his grandson to be alright.

At the café, while Sally left to get some more food for herself, Kable started to notice Sparrow. From the look of her body language, something was troubling Sparrow.

"Uhhh...Shia?" Kable asked.


"You okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine....just thinking."

"'bout what?"

"Just....everything..." Sparrow sighed, crossing her arms and legs.

"Like what?" He asked again.

"Like my brother....the baby.....Celeste."

"Oh......well.....what about them really?" Kable awkwardly asked.

"It's just....I'm worried how Celeste will handle the news about the baby. I mean, look what she's been through lately. I just don't want her to come back and finding out what really happen while she was gone. She's been a dear friend to all of us, I just can't see her heart broken all over again. Not only her but Ferio......god, it's just too much."

"I know what you mean." Kable said, agreeing with Sparrow. "Cel's like a little sister to me. is just.....a big pile of shit."

"You said it." Sparrow agreed, taking a sip of her tea.

Both KD and Sally came back with food and sat down at the table; they started to chow down.

"So," KD spoke with his mouth full, accidently spitting out crumbles of food. "After we're done, we can go back upstairs to see if Ferio and Giselle are here yet."

"Sounds like a good idea but next time...speak after you're done eating." Sparrow said, removing some of the crumbs of her face.

"Sorry." KD apologized while gulping down his food, blushing in embarrassment.


Tito finally found the floor the woman from the admissions desk told him to go. He walked down the hallway, passing by doctors, nurses, patients, and machines. He was starting to grow nervous from the hospital smell but went on ignoring it as he was browsing around each room number to see if he could find the right one.

After a few minutes, Tito made a stop infront of a room. Through the door, he could see someone lying on the bed, covered with a blanket. He pushed himself to go in the room, as much as he was shaking.

When he fully made it in the room, all Tito could see was a sleeping Janet on the bed with a few wires attached to her. He looked up to see the heart monitor. Her heart was beating regularly, that was one good thing but still, why isn't she awake yet?

Tito took his eyes off the monitor and look down at Janet. She looked so peaceful and delicate. Tito was overwhelmed with guilt. He put her there.....and he didn't bother to check if she was alright until now. Tito felt like shit.

He grabbed a chair and put it right next to Janet's bedside. As he sat there, Tito saw Janet's hand right on the bed infront of him. Her skin tone looked a little pale. He reached out slowly. At first, he hesitated but a moment later, He gently clasped it with one hand and later the other. Tito had it close to his forehead. It felt cold, just as he thought. His hands made a faint glow, he hoped he could at least warm her up.


He reacted quickly by dropping her hand and bolted up from the chair. He turned to see Static right across from him. Tito's heart began beating faster than the heart monitor.

"Um....I.......uh....." Tito tried to get the words out but he felt like someone was strangling him.

Static just stood there, not saying a word. He didn't show an emotion, which worried Tito even more.

Tito turned his back on him and landed his eyes onto Janet.

"I.....I didn't.....want this to happen....I....just..." His fists were clenched, he was feeling some soreness from his throat.

Tito expected Static to let his anger out on him but instead, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

He turned around, facing Static right in the face.

"I know Tito."

Tito made a glance at Janet, he was feeling tensed. "I know I should've came......but..."

"At least you came, that's all that matters." Static said.

" the baby...."

"He's fine."

"He?....oh, it's a boy...."

"Would you like to see him?" Static asked, letting out a small smile.

"I....I can?"

"Of course you can."

Tito returned a smile back. ".......S-sure, I guess."

He and Static made their way out the door and as they were out of the room, Tito paused as he turned around to see Sparrow, Kable, Sally, and KD right in front of him.

All except Static had horrifying looks on their faces and just stood there. None said a word in this awkard situation, they just continued on staring each other. Finally, Tito spoke up.

"Look....I don't want to start anything." Tito said firmly, holding his hands up in defense.

"Oh for once?" KD asked sarcastically with a hint of anger, crossing his arms.

".....I just wanted to see how she is."

"After a WEEK? How modest of you." Sparrow replied sarcastically with the same tone as KD's.

"I get it, what I did was a bitchy move tbut now I'm here. Hate me all you want for all I care, I'm only here to see Janet and the baby. No fighting what's so ever." Tito said, defending himself.

The group didn't look convinced but having to glance at Static, they knew by the look on his face that he was telling them to trust Tito.

And so, the group went passed Tito, not breathing a word or taking a glance at him, and went on in Janet's room. Sally was the last to go in but was stop by Static.

"Sally, if you don't mind, would you show Tito where the NICU is?"

Sally look at Static in disbelief then reverted her eyes towards Tito. She didn't really want to do this, I mean, after all he did. Sally went back to Static then sighed.

"Fine" She grumbled and walked out of the room, motioning Tito to follow her.

Meanwhile, as KD, Sparrow, and Kable were watching over Janet, all had the same thought in their minds.

How the hell would they break this to Ferio?


Both Ferio and Giselle were already upstairs, on their way to Janet's room since they already knew what hallway and room she was in. Ferio was starting to hate hospitals even more, who could ever LIKE staying in one?

When they both finally made it to the room, their friends made their greetings and such. Ferio looks over to Janet to see if she was alright and to his luck......KD noticed that look on Ferio's face and went over to his friend, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Sorry dude, no change."

".....of course."

Ferio walked away, rubbing his temples together. How LONG will Janet be like this? Dr. Windburg said she'll wake up anytime soon but HOW soon?

Giselle and Static gave Ferio a sympathy look. As much as he didn't show like Ferio did, Static was feeling the same thing he was feeling. After all, it's his daughter who's lying there with wires on her.

Both Sparrow and Kable gave each other nervous looks. They had to tell him, they just couldn't have Ferio finding out that Tito was in the same building himself. It would've caused a big mess. Then again, if they told him, it wouldn't make much of a difference. Though.....might as well try.

"Um...Ferio?" Sparrow asked.


"You may want to sit down." Kable added, growing nervous already.

"Why?" Ferio asked, looking puzzled.

"Yooouuuu may not take this well when we tell you this." Sparrow said, rubbing her hands nervously.

"What? Just spit it out."

".......We uhhh....ran into someone we know." Kable explain.

"Really? Who?"

"'re not that fond with..." Sparrow added, trying hard to deliver the news.

"Annndddd that iiissss?" Ferio was growing impatient.

Kable sighed, might as well get it over with.

"Dude....Tito....was...just here awhile ago."

As they expected, the news hit Ferio hard. His eyes grew like the size of melons. He stumbled backwards a little but managed to keep his balance. He turned away from his friends and walk towards the window. Ferio grabbed a hold onto the window hedge. Blood started to boil already, his eyes were already growing in hate.

"After all this time.....he had the fucking balls to show up?" He gripped on the hedge so tight, you could see the paint melting off a little.

This wasn't good. No, BAD, really bad. Whenever Ferio's pissed like this....well..... His friends were exchanging worried looks. They knew he would react like this, even Giselle and Static were growing concerned.

Sparrow was courageous enough to speak up first.

"Brother...I know what you're feeling now but you have to listen to me. You need to calm down." She said in a calming tone.

"Calm down? CALM DOWN?! That shithead had the FUCKING NERVE to actually come down here!! After what he did!! LOOK at Janet, Shia! SEE HOW HE WAS THE ONE WHO PUT HER THERE!!!"

Sparrow and the others were a little startled from Ferio's outburst. They were surprised flames haven't come out.....yet. Ferio was breathing heavily, his fists were clenched tight. He calmed down after a few more breaths and finally spoken up.

"Where is he?" He asked in a cold voice.

"He....he's with Sally, visiting the baby." KD stuttered, still shaken from the outburst.

They all noticed Ferio's expression changed from pissed to horrified. Before Ferio could react, Static spoke up.

"Ferio, I know what you're thinking. Believe me, I wouldn't have sent Tito to see my grandson if I known he was too dangerous to be around him. You have to trust me on this."

Ferio eased his hands, as much as he wasn't sure what Static had said, he did relax a little. After all, he and the others trusted Static. Though, He still feel threaten by Tito's presence at the hospital.

"Look Ferio," said Kable, attempting to calm Ferio down more. "How 'bout you go down and take a little walk around the hospital to cool down? To clear your mind off things?"

Ferio wasn't sure about that, he wanted to stay with Janet but....maybe Kable was right, he does need something to relax him. Who knows? Maybe on the way, the nurses can give him a chance to see his son? If Tito wasn't there that is.

"Yeah, maybe a walk can do...."


While Sally was leading Tito to the NICU , the awkard silence was getting to him.

As they made it to the room, Tito looked through the glass window while Sally was leaning against the wall with arms crossed, glaring down on him while keeping a close eye on him. Tito was having a hard time to find the baby. His eyes were sweeping the area for any baby that seemed abnormal. He finally spotted one that looked quite different than the other newborns in the room.

"That's him isn't it." He said, pointing at the small, delicate green infant, sleeping soundly.

"Noooooo that's just another green baby in the room. Oh oh, there are also purple ones too!" Sally sarcastically replied.

"I had enough sarcasm THANK YOU." Tito bitterly replied, facing Sally.

"Whatever." Sally said, rolling her eyes.

"Look, how long are you guys going to be pissed at me?"

"Oh come on! You attacked our leader and friend out of no where! Just because he had your girl! What, you think kicking the ever loving crap out of him would make this situation any better?!"

"Okay, MAYBE I just wasn't thinking bu-"

"Oh yeah, MAYBE yeah. Ju-just MAYBE."

"Hey Hey! I didn't start the 2nd fight! He attacked me out of no where too!" Tito yelled out in defense.

"Doesn't matter! Fight fire with fire and you're gonna get burned!"

".....WOW, of all the comebacks in the world, THIS is what you come up with?"

"So? It's true right?" Sally said.

Tito didn't bother to reply back. He just turned his back on Sally and leaned on the glass window with his forehead.

"I'm guessing you're one of those people who would rather pick a fight first?"

"You don't know 'nothin 'bout me." Tito said.

"Oh come on, it's written all over. I bet you're also one of those people who gets objected by society just because you're a little bit different. Am I right?"

Tito didn't reply again, he just closed his mouth shut.

"Well news flash, you ain't the only one. I've been through it. My friends been through it. Like almost all of the metahumans had been through it. Hell, even people who don't have powers like us had been through the same thing, just because one little thing about us is different than the rest of them. I was just like you. Back when I was a kid, no one could play with me. They all thought I was a freak or somethin'.  I couldn't do anything back then 'cause I was scared, a wimp. Then one day, I had enough, I started standing up for myself. I've been through a lot of fights and all of them have me end up in trouble. I didn't care as much because I felt proud that I actually stood up for myself."

".....what was the point for telling me this?" Tito asked, turned his head around to face Sally.

"All I'm saying is, not EVERY problem has to start off like this. I mean, call me a hypocrite 'cause I'm still having trouble on that, but hey, at least I'm trying. Maybe you should too"

No word came out of Tito. In his mind, he still didn't think Sally made any sense but then again....he was tired of seeing his mother all worried about him and also getting in trouble over and over. After a moment of silence, Tito spoke up.

"I'm.....going to go home now..." Tito heads to the end of the hallway.

"Are you coming back?" She asked.

"Y-yeah, probably." He replied.

"Need some help looking for an exit?"

"Nah it's cool, I got this." and with that, Sally sees Tito leave.

Although she was still pretty peeved at him for hurting Ferio, Sally begins to think that maybe there's some hope for a guy even like Tito.


It had been the afternoon now. They were still in Janet's room, waiting for her to wake up. Sparrow was starting off at the window, viewing the tall buildings and the day light sky with the clouds coming by. KD was watching some TV to keep his mind occupied. Kable just watched what everyone else was doing. Static and Giselle were still watching over Janet. Gear took a break from searching for the attacker and decided to join Static. While each of them were doing their own thing, all stopped when they hear a faint moan coming from the room.

They jump up to see Janet moving her head around and attempting to open her eyes.

"Janet? Janet, can you hear me?" Giselle said, lightly shaking her sister's shoulder..

Janet managed to fully open her eyes and could see everyone around her.

"W...wh-what hap- " Janet stuttered, feeling exhausted.

"You fell pretty hard." KD explained.

Janet was going to ask how since she couldn't remember what had exactly happen but then, realization came in. Suddenly, her friends and family see her panicking as she was feeling her not so huge stomach under her blanket.

"Wh-Where's the b-, where's the bab-?!!" Janet felt one of her arms pinned by Static.

"Jan, the doctors had to do an emergency C-section. Don't worry, the baby's alright." Static explained.

Janet felt relaxed hearing her child was ok and had lied down back onto the bed, exhausted from her panic attack.

"How long was I out?" Janet asked in a cracked voice.

"Ummm..." Kable cleared his throat and rubbed his neck nervously. "A week."

"A WEEK?!" Janet nearly bolted out of her bed but was stopped by Static and Sparrow.

"Janet, calm down! You're still in a weak state. You need some rest! Just relax.." Sparrow said, helping Janet on the bed.

"Ok ok fine but....can I see my baby?" She asked.

"They're still doing some work on him but hey, maybe it's a possibility." Kable said with a smile.

"Ok....w-wait, where's Ferio?"

"He still here, he's just taking a little walk." Giselle explained.

"Has he.....visit me?" Janet asked.

"Well duh!" KD replied. "He was always the first one to come in and the last to leave! Other than your dad of course."

"......and Tito?"

Silence surrounded the room until Kable broke it.

"Y-yeah, he came too." He explain, he couldn't tell her that Tito only came after a week.

"Oh.....hey um, do you...think you can bring Ferio here?" Janet asked, covering herself more with the blanket from the chills.
"Yeah sure, I can get him for ya." KD volunteered.

Seconds later, all everyone could see was a cloud of smoke.


Before he had the chance to see his son, Ferio got a little hungry. He spotted a snack machine at the end of the hall. As he got there, he noticed a sign on the glass.


Just his luck.

"Crap" Ferio grumbled, it'll be a pain in the ass to go all the way downstairs to head for the café.

Just as he was about to walk out of there, Ferio heard a small cry. He turned around to see a young married couple sitting on a bench, trying to sooth their baby's cries. The baby must've been 5-7 months. The mother found a bottle while the father was filling it up with baby formula. As he sees the married couple smiling down at their hungry baby while the mother was feeding him, Ferio wondered about something.

Would he feel the exact same joy the couple was if he and Janet ever took care of their son? He loved him already but it's not like he'll be there for the baby's firsts. He and Janet both agreed that it'll be best for the baby to stay at a family for awhile until they were ready to settle in. Though, it would be nice to actually experience on taking care of a baby.

Ferio took off, hoping to get that sad thought out of his head. As he headed off to the café, he noticed another hallway. It was empty and at the end was an exit, leading to another parking lot. He noticed a large figure opening the exit door. Ferio walked foward a little to get a clearer picture, There was something about that guy that seemed familiar. As the figure turned around that revealed his profile, Ferio's eyes widen.

It was him....the same man who put Janet in the hospital.....and he was walking right out of the hospital like nothing no this could NOT be ignored.

Meanwhile, KD transported to another floor, hoping to see if Ferio was there. Damn hospital and it's floors.

He examined the whole area.

"Where could he beeee where could he beee?" KD whispered to himself, moving his head from left to right.

"Robbie?" KD turned around and saw Sally walking over.

"Oh hey Sal! Seen Ferio anywhere?" He asked.

"No, why? Is he here in the building?"

"Yeah, I just wanted to tell him that Janet's awake."

"She is?! Hey that's great!" Sally said, having a happy grin on her face.

"Yeah, all I need to do is find him an.....oh hey there he is!" KD pointed out.

Both he and Sally were walking over where Ferio was at but they noticed him walking towards the exit very.... "mad- like". At the corner of their eye, they could see a pissed-off expression on his face and they swore they saw flames in his eyes.

Sally and KD looked each other with worried expressions.

".....y-you don't think..."

Before Sally could finish her sentence, KD walked foward a little more to see if there was anyone outside of the building, his eyes widen when he sees Tito outside.

"Ohhhh shit." KD said as he disappears in a cloud of smoke.

KD managed to stop Ferio from going any further as he teleports right in front of him.

"Heeeyyy Buddy! I've been looking all over for you!" KD said in a fake joyful tone.

"Not now Rob, I got things to do." Ferio said in a voice KD would be shaken from.

"Um uh, what things?! Heh, so um anyway, There's something I gotta tell ya!" KD said, attempting to stall his P.O.ed leader until Tito completely left the area.

"It can wait." He said in a cold voice, going around KD and headed towards the door.

KD reacted by running up to Ferio and stands in front of him.

"Ok ok look man, I know what you're about to do and I'm going to say this as a friend. DON'T DO IT." KD advised in a serious tone.

"What do you think I'm about to do?" Ferio asks, barely in question form.


"Look, no blood shall be shed." Ferio said sarcastically. "Just want"

"Oh yeah, just want to talk."

"Look Rob, can you please get out of my way?"

"No way I'm not taking that risk."

" your leader, I ORDER YOU to MOVE."

"And as your FRIEND, NO F-ING WAY."

They continued to glare at each other, not one of them stand down. Who does Robbie think he is? Ferio thought. Treating him like this? What? A little conversation is some sort of threat or something?

After a moment, Ferio managed to cool off and apologized to his teammate.

"Sorry dude....I know you're just looking out for me."

"Well hey man, I care about ya, all of us do. You're not alone in this you know. Just didn't want you to do something drastic."

"Trust me, I won't do anything. I promise." Ferio said.

" swear?"

"Scout's honor." Ferio said, putting up his right hand as a joke.

".......alright, I"ll.....get out of your way."

KD disappears while Ferio continued to do what he was planning to do. Sally was startled from KD's sudden appearance back.

"Geez warn a girl! um...what happen?"

".....we better get the others quick." KD said, looking horrified.

Sally grew worried. "....whhhyyyyy what did he say?!"

"He said he wanted to talk to Tito and believe me, I highly doubt that's his intention"

"Shit....we better go NOW."

A second later, both of the teens vanished without a trace.


Tito had been kicking the ground for quite awhlie, thoughts were flowing around his head. He wonders if Janet was going to wake up the next day and would actually like to see his face after what happen. He was rubbing his neck from the stress. Tito was about to take off until he heard the exit door open with such force.

He turns around, alarmed, and sees Ferio right in the open.

He gritted his teeth. "Ooohhhhhh no no no no no, I am NOT in the mood to deal with YOU right now!"

"Well bitch about it later! You and I need to talk." Ferio said.

"What's there to talk about?!!" Tito shouted at the top of his lungs, he spitted on the ground. "Tch 'no what? Fuck this I'm out of here."

"Fine, run like the coward you are!" Ferio yelled out, which had Tito stop in mid-walk and turned his slowly to face Ferio.

"What 'chu call me?"

"You heard me....I called you a COWARD. It's written all over it." He growled.

Tito twitched while one of his hands were lit in fire.

"No one.....calls me.....a coward.....AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!!" Tito throws a huge fire blast at Ferio, in which he quickly deflects the attack by using his own fire power.


And so begins the third battle of the raging pyromencers. One by one did the fire balls were flying around. Both managed to dodge out each others' attacks. Adredline pumping up, sweat drops coming down their skins, anger in high power, there was no telling on who would win.

Tito attacked Ferio right on the ground, holding him down by throat while attempting to deliver another fire ball. Ferio reacts by kicking Tito hard on the gut, having him fly off and land on the ground with a hard thud. Tito groans as he tries to pull himself up. He looks up to see Ferio charging down with fire balls in each hand. Tito have his fireballs ready and launched himself from the ground, targeting Ferio.

Both were in high power, each about to deliver their attacks at the same time.


Meanwhile, while the others in Janet's room were waiting for Ferio, KD, and Sally, all were surprised to see a cloud of smoke suddenly appearing, revealing Sally and KD with shocking looks on their faces.

"Guys what's wrong?!" Sparrow asked growing worried.

"Look, I can't explain everything now but we have GOT to go do-" KD was interrupted by the sounds of screaming and explosion coming from the halls.

"What was that?!" Kable said, alarmed.

"Damn it! We're too late!" Sally said, frantic.

"Too late for what? What's going on?!" Janet asked, sitting up on the bed while clutching on to her blanket.

"We don't have much time! You guys come along, I'll get us to the area!" KD instructed.

After him, Sparrow, Kable, and Sally disappeared, puzzled and alarmed expressions were placed on the adults and Janet.

Static and Gear looked at each other and nodded their heads.

"Think we should check it out?" Gear suggested.

"You bet. Giselle, you stay with Janet. Rich and I will see what's going on." Static instructed.

"'k daddy."

After the adults left, Giselle looks over at Janet who was looking distraught at the moment.

"Sis, what's going on here? What's happening? What if my baby's in tr-"

"It'll be alright." Giselle said, rubbing Janet's back to calm her down. "Daddy, Uncle Rich, and the others will take care of it."


As KD transported everyone to the floor where Sally and him were at, all they could see were patients, nurses, and doctors running around, screaming in fear while dark grey smoke was surrounding the area.

As the floor was almost cleared of from the terrified group and the smoke, the rest of Team Beta could see right in front of them were 3 figures, all whom none of them could recognized.

"Wait, if that wasn't them, then who are they?" Sally asked.

"Funny thing you should ask."

The voice not familiar to the titans came from a girl, no more than 16, who came out of the smoke. She had chestnut hair tied into a messy bun with chopsticks, a white-collared blue dress-like suit with a red stripe right down the middle, and white-leathered boots. She wore an evil grin on her face while putting a hand on her waist.

Next came out another girl who looked like the same age as the other one. She had purple-dyed hair with black and pink highlights, some sort of goth-like makeup on her face, a long-sleeved white shirt with a dark-grey T-shirt with a logo on it over it, a mini ripped jean skirt with short tan green leggings under them, and a pair of black converses. She stood next to the girl with her hands glowing pink.

Finally, a boy with red spiky hair who looked a little younger than the rest of the girls came out with a long tan-green overcoat, a peach-colored T-shirt, brown jeans, and a pair of worn out shoes. What was unusual about him were his hands were 5-10 times the size of his head and his nose was larger than any regular human nose, like some sort of...snout. He stood right next to the chopsticks girl on her right, grinning and chuckling, make that snorting, evilly.

The titans just stood there, staring right at the perpetrators, wondering what they were going to do next.

By the looks on their faces, not so well....


Both of the pyromencers collided, having their powers explode into a giant flaming aura, surrounding them like a hurricane. They were glaring down at each other, clasping to one another while the fire continued to sweep. Both of them try to increase their fire power to overthrow the other but no luck. As they both struggled, Ferio spoke up.



Tito managed to overthrow Ferio, leaving him flying off the ground with high force as the fire was dying down.

As Ferio landed on the ground, he managed to pick himself but it didn't stop Tito to try to kick his ass again.

"Come on Panocha!! YOU wouldn't admit what kind of person YOU really are! You don't even give a fuck about people you hurt!!"

Oh that teared it.

Ferio gritted his teeth so hard, they almost broke. His fists and eyes were flaming hot.

"You.......PIECE OF SHIT!!"

Tito couldn't get out of the way as Ferio attacked him head on to the ground, pinning him by the throat.


Before Ferio could do anything, Tito delivered a roundhouse to his face which had him flying off from Tito and skids on the ground. He was holding his swollen chick while blood was dripping down from his lip.

"Oh yeah!! Poor little Ferio!! The big o mighty leader of the titans!! I'm going through some girl trouble shit right now!!! Ohhhh it's SO HARD FOR ME!! Despite me having famous superhero parents!! Living in luxury in Jump!! Being leader!! Having to go to some rich-ass private school!! Yeah, I wouldn't have to worry about being a pussy-ass prick when I have ALLL THIS SHIT!! WELL YOU KNOW WHAT?!!"

Tito bends down and grabs Ferio roughly by the collar.

" It's the real world homey."

Just as Tito was about to deliver one final blow, something had caught the boys' attention right in front of them.

A black vortex was forming on the ground. It was slowly moving in circles but was growing each second.

Letting go of Ferio, the boys quickly backed away from the mysterious growing vortex. Before they knew it, it became bigger and bigger, so much it almost took up the whole ground area. It was taking up huge wind currents, having the trees and bushes violently blowing off.

Two hearts were beating at a fast pace and was beating faster than ever as the wind was starting to pick up more and the vortex grew.

Their eyes widen as they see a giant shadowed head figure coming out of the vortex.


Meanwhile, the titans were still facing off with the three mysterious attackers. Both sides haven't moved as of yet. Kable was prepared for an attack by generating his power, Sally with her ice bolts. KD was in a fighting stance while Sparrow got her weapons ready.

"We'll ask again, WHO ARE YOU?!" Sparrow demanded.

"Well, I rather not give out our real names but my alias happens to be Boulder. This is Violet Ray," She introduced while pointing at the violet-head girl. "And this is Hammerhead." Pointing at the evil- laughing aardvark-like creature.

"What are you guys really?!" Kable asked in an aggressive tone. "Why are you here?!"

"If you would like to know," Boulder walks a few steps foward, hands on her hips. "WE happen to be the new generation of the 'Metabreed' annndddd let's just say we're only here so you goodie goodies won't be in our way."

With one snap from Boulder's fingers, Violet Ray and Hammerhead began charging on.

Violet Ray started off with using her powers to form into a rope-like shape to lasso Kable with. He struggled to get them off but no luck, the energy from the purple girl was too strong to budge, giving VR the advantage to send him flying.

"KABLE!!" Sparrow yelled out, witnessing her teammate being slammed into a wall, debris falling.

Without warning, Sparrow finds herself tangling in the air as Violet Ray grabbed a hold of her ankle. Before she had the chance to toss her away like she did with Kable, Violet Ray was suddenly blinded by the smoke bombs Sparrow threw at her, causing her to drop Sparrow.

"SHIA!! ARE YO-" Before KD could finish his sentence, a giant shadow was casting over him. He looks up to see Hammerhead up in the air, about to deliver a giant fist at him.

KD reacts by teleporting himself to somewhere safe, leaving Hammerhead smashing the ground hard. It shook the floor a little and the cracked floor titles were flying off in different directions. Realizing that KD wasn't under his fist, Hammerhead was swinging his head all around, looking for his prey.

"Where'd he go?!"

Just then, he hears a faint moan coming from under the bench that was across from him. He sees an elderly patient staring at him, cowering in fear while having his hands over his head.

"What 'chu lookin at?" He asked in a threaten tone.

"I...I.I..I.." The terrified patient stuttered out.

"What?! Never seen someone different then yous?! Never seen a freak before?!" He yelled out in anger.

The elderly man quickly got out on the bench and attempted to make a run for it but slipped from the debris, making Hammerhead even more pissed.

"OH NO YOU AINT GETTIN AWAY FROM ME!!" He launches his giant fists like a cannon, targeting the man while the man was too terrified to move.

KD acted quickly by teleporting himself to the old man and teleports the both of them back to a safer area before Hammerhead could do anything

As they landed, the old man continuously gave KD his gratitude while shaking his hand.

" Oh thank you, young man!! You saved my life!"

"Yeah sure, just make sure you get out of here and find a safe place to stay at!" KD instructed before the man speeded off.

"Well well," KD turns around to see Hammerhead in a fight stance, ready for action. "You people just love saving those normies huh?"

Just as KD comes face to face with another of Hammerhead's attacks, Hammerhead feels himself being levitated from the ground, connecting with the wall as his head was smashed in. KD sees Kable running towards him, generating electromagnetic energy to hold Hammerhead down while he had the chance.

"Thanks Cuz" KD said.

"Not a prob." Kable said, still feeling a little sore from the flying lesson he took.

"So Boulder, what can you do?" Sally asked, hands glowing in a light blue light.

"Good question." Boulder replied with an evil grin.

Next thing Sally knew, she sees her opponent transforming her entire body into some sort of metal, clothes still in contact.

Sally's not sure if she should worry about that but push that thought out of the way as she lets out a battle cry and throws out a few ice daggers towards Boulder.

Smirking, Boulder charges foward, heading straight to the daggers. With Sally's luck, the daggers break into a million pieces as they were contacted with Boulder's forearm.

"Oh shit." Sally said to herself, unable to move as Boulder was coming closer. Boulder delivers a roundhouse at Sally, knocking her off from the ground. As she struggles to pick herself up, Sally then notices her lip bleeding.

"Oh you Marvel-wannabe, bitch." Sally said directly at Boulder while she still had that smirk of her's on her face.

"Hey, you did asked." Boulder said.

Out of anger, Sally summons her ice beams right out of her hands in full power, targeting towards Boulder. Unfortunately, it didn't do so much damage as Boulder's shield form deflected the attack, ricocheting the beams in different dimensions, causing glasses on the windows to break and the walls to crumble debris while certain parts of the floor were frozen solid.

"Okay then, entree number 2!!" Sally yells out as she attempts to try her attack again but is stop by Sparrow who gotten up earlier.

"Sally don't!!" Sparrow directed.

"What the hell Shia?! Can't you see what I"m trying to do here?!!"

"Yes I can see that!! You DO realize we're in a hospital here right?! The building can't hold on much longer! More importantly, people will get hurt!!"

"Try telling that to them!!" Sally shouted out.

"Shia what are we going to do?" KD asked in a worried tone while and he and Kable were catching up to them.

"......for now, we need to keep the patients and the others safe. While doing that, I can think up a plan on how to get the goons out of here." Sparrow said. "In the mean time....Titans.."

The three bang babies were up and ready for another round while the heroes took in a fighting stance, all charged up.



Hearts still beating like a rampage of wild animals, wind violently picking up more than ever, thousands of leaves blowing away, the day-light sky changing to a dark violet, it was like facing hell.

The shadowed figure was up to his chest, his claw-like hands whooshing out of the vortex, darkness was slowly engulfing.

Ferio and Tito were still on the ground witnessing evil coming about while still terrified for their lives. Ferio turned to Tito to see him just as freaked out as he was. He thought he saw Tito's lips move. What did he say? Does he actually know what that thing was?

It doesn't matter, the living shadow was hovering over them. Aside from the darkness, all the boys could see that was actually light enough were those piercing white eyes the creature had.

Their minds were telling them to take cover but their bodies couldn't move at all. As the figure came out though his end was still connected with the portal, he launched himself towards the boys.

Thinking quickly, they both covered their heads to shield themselves but a moment later, they noticed the creature didn't touch a single hair on their head. Both Ferio and Tito unshield themselves and turned their heads to see the creature be one with the shadows on the ground. They both watched as the living shadow traveled to one shadow to another until he fades in the doorway and disappears in the hospital, leaving the boys in a shocked state.

Both exchange looks. Though they weren't fond with each other, even Ferio and Tito both agreed that this shouldn't go unnoticed. Quickly coming back to reality and picking themselves off the ground, the two frantic teens sprang to the door, hoping to catch up with the suspicious shadow.


Both Static and Gear have been trying to make their way to where the commotion was that caused the people in the hospital to run in fear. Backpack had pinpointed where it was so they were close.

Just as they were in the floor where the NICU was being held, they were both stopped by a dark matter faded from the ground that was standing 7 feet tall above them in the middle of the floor, where more patients were running and taking cover. Both in shock, Static and Gear gaped at the mysterious figure as it continues to grow until it almost hit the ceiling, completely casting over them.

The black and purple vortex swirling onto the battered floor, those murderous white eyes,  darkness taking up the whole area.

This was all too just couldn't be.....he's gone....he was gone for over 20 years.....he couldn't have come back.....he shouldn't!

As Static tries to deny it, a voice he wished he didn't hear from ever again was ringing his ears.

"Hello Static, been awhile." The shadow evilly chuckled.



The worn-out Sparrow delivers a powerful wind blast from her fans, knocking off Hammerhead and Violet Ray. Boulder managed to keep herself balance while in her shield form but just barely.

The battle between the new Bang Babies and the Titans had been going at it for quite awhile. While the enemy took a few blows, the Titans were exhausted and worn out. They were mostly helping out the patients and the workers to take cover from the bang babies while at the same time, were fighting off the devious trio.

"Come on Shia!! You said you were thinking up a plan!! I don't see a plan!!" Sally shouts out, shaken from the blows she was getting from Boulder and Violet Ray.

"I'M WORKING ON IT!!" Sparrow shouts back as she was fighting off Hammerhead.

"How long are we suppose to hold them off?!! They're winning here!!" KD panicked.

"Rob don't say that!!" Kable yelled, firing off a gigashock at Boulder but fails as Violet Ray deflects it with her energy disk. "We can't let them think we're giving up!!"

"Look at us Kable!!" Sally said. "We're completely worn out here!! I'm running out of ice!!"

"Yeah and I keep going from portal to portal, I can't make more anymore!! I don't think I can get to Static and Gear in time in this condition!!" KD said.

"Then....we'll just pray they'll come soon" Sparrow said, breathing heavily. "In the meantime....we'll just do our best."

Though by the look of things, the others think their best wouldn't be enough to stop the unstoppable trio.


"Glad that you remember me Static."

The sound of Ebon's low rugged voice made Static's blood boil. By the looks of it, Ebon haven't changed. Appearance, maybe. He didn't have the vest he always wore back then, no earring, and no cornrows either, just a living, more like the living nightmare. His appearance might've change but his personality sure hasn't.

"It can't were never found after the battle at the pier.....we thought you were dead....." Gear said in disbelief.

"Glad to see you too Gear and I'm afraid all of you were wrong. I'm back and better than ever." Ebon said proudly.

"Those attacks on Talon, Shiv, and the others......those came from you wasn't it." Static said.

"Just wanted to see my old crew."

"And Rubberband Man...."

"Wanted to visit my 'lil bro." Ebon said.

"Your own brother......You put your own brother in a coma." Static said outraged, fists shaking in anger, teeth gritted.

"Him and all those other fools who stood against me shouldn't betrayed me like that. They needed to be taught a lesson." Ebon said with no regrets.

"Why Shiv? He seemed like a loyal dog to you." Gear said.

" Nah, Shiv had always been a nuisance. A pest you can easily squish 'till they can't pest you 'no more and looks like I've done it."

How could a man like him used to have an ounce of humanity back then? That would be unbelievable.  

"Doesn't matter how you came back. What are planning NOW, EBON?" Static asked, not in question form.

"All I'm here for is to make a quick pick-up for a package I've been waiting for. Didn't expect it to come early."  

And just like that, Ebon became one with the shadows again as he swarmed onto the floor, getting away from Static and Gear.

Dakota's heroes picked up the speed and chased Ebon, hoping to capture him before he did anything that could risk the people in the hospital lives. Meanwhile, Ferio and Tito managed to pinpoint where the shadow was. Ferio began to grow worried considering the shadow was at the floor where the NICU was at, where his baby was still there.

They stopped their tracks as they see Static and Gear chasing off the same shadow that was jumping from wall to wall. Static threw out every attack he can on Ebon but no luck as Ebon managed to dodge them, apparently he learned some new tricks while he was considered dead.

Thinking they needed assistant, Ferio and Tito flew off and followed the chase.

Ebon transformed himself back into his semi-humanoid form as he spotted a unit room and went inside.
Seeing Ebon going in, Static and Gear along with Ferio and Tito skid to a stop. All go in the unit room only to be in horror as they see Ebon grabbed a hold of something.


Sparrow and Kable were double tagging to stop Boulder but their attempts weren't enough as Boulder was sneaky enough to dodge their attacks. She grins evilly as she see the goody goodies's pathetic attempts to stop her and her friends. She knew they were winning by the look on the titans' battered bodies.

Sally used all the energy she could let out as she continues to throw out more ice crystals at her opponents but they were mostly shattered into pieces and she either ends up landing hard on the floor or slammed into a wall.

KD was getting worn out from all the teleporting so he relied on his hand to hand combat from training and his fire breathing ability. Sure he managed a few blows right to Hammerhead but thanks to Boulder's assistance, it didn't work out so well.

Violet Ray pauses as she hears beeping from her ear piece. She presses it against her ear to hear.

"GUYS!! STOP STOP!!!" She ordered after listening on to the earpiece, waving her arms frantically.

"What is it Violet?!!" Boulder shouted back, about to finish Sparrow off.

"HEY!! I'M BUSYING TRYING TO WASTE THIS GUY!!" Hammerhead shouted out as his fist was centimeters away from KD's battered face.

"There's no need!! That was the boss. He says he got what he needed." Violet Ray explained.

"Oh, such a shame." Boulder said, transforming herself back into her human form. "And I was just having fun."

"Yeah me too! Way to spoil the mood here Violet!" Hammerhead spatted out.

"Look, we got what we came for. Let's just go home." Violet Ray said.

Out of nowhere, a black portal appeared and transported the trio out of the hospital, leaving the defeated titans in confusion.

"...What are they talking about? What did they came here for?" Kable asked, having a bad feeling in his gut like the others.


The four froze as they saw what Ebon was holding.

An infant....and not just any with jade-green skin.

Ferio watched in horror as he sees his flesh and blood in the hands of a psychopath. It was like a time-bomb being seconds away from it's destination time.

"Ebon...what are you doing?! He has nothing to do with this!!" Static yelled out in panic.

"Oh you're wrong Static, this baby right here is JUST what I need for my new army." Ebon said, cradling the baby with one arm.

"Army?! What the fuck you talking about?!" Tito shouted out, urging to kick Ebon's ass.

"Perhaps I said a little too much." Ebon said, creating another vortex behind him.

All of them couldn't do anything as Ebon and the baby starts to vanish as the vortex swallows them in. They were afraid Ebon were do something drastic to the baby if they attempt to stop him. What could they do? All they could do is watch.

"We need to make the time to chat more Static, reminisce on the good days."

And just like that, they were both gone.

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